Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Change of Schedule

Boy, I've missed you all. The past week to ten days have been pretty much devoted to trying to reduce the pain in my back and leg to levels that could be somewhat tolerated. There were several days that the only trips out of my chair were to the bathroom. If it weren't for my hubby, Patrick, I don't know what I would have done. He really continues to spoil me. Patrick, just in case you read this, which I know you will, (because you always do), thank you for taking such good care of me. I LOVE YOU!!!

My poetic entry for today speaks to the change in my life's schedule that has taken place over the last few years. It's not a change that I asked for, nor did it go from work to chair over a matter of a few days. This has been a journey of years. Not one that I would wish for anyone to have to take but one that the Lord knows I can handle. Sometimes I wish that he didn't have so much confidence in my ability to handle pain, but knowing that he does is what often gets me through.

Thanks to those who checked on me. Enjoy today's work and I'll be reading all that my blog friends have written since I've been gone.

Take care and God Bless,

Change of Schedule

The alarm would buzz quite early.
Through the traffic jam I’d drive,
Working for my employer
From eight o’clock until five.

Then home to see my dear family,
Pass hugs and kisses around;
Fixing supper then washing clothes,
Do the dishes, go to bed, sleep sound.

That’s how I spent most all my days
Until a few years ago.
It’s what I wish to be doing,
This time in my life, you know.

Sitting in my blue easy chair
From break of day until night
Is really not the thing I’d choose
But that is what is in sight.

Instead I spend most every day
Deciding just what to do.
A craft, a crossword or word search,
Read a book, a note or two?

Whatever that I choose to do
To while away the time,
There’s nothing I like any more
Than to write down words that rhyme.

Sometimes I share them with others
Sometimes they’re just for myself.
One thing I truly know for sure
You’ll never find me on a shelf.

As long as my mind is working
There will always be a way
For me to put my thoughts down
Saying what I want to say.

Mimmy aka Joyce Smith
August 4, 2009


  1. To my wife:

    Remember: "I am not going anywhere. I'll be right here - beside you."


    I love you.



  2. Good news~!! Mims is back! I have missed you and your poetry, my friend...
    I thought that this poem was truly you as you shared your past with the present and your writing becoming one of your pastimes..
    I am sorry that you have been feeling badly. Glad to see you again...


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