Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Today as I read through the blogs I follow, catching up on days I missed, I was astonished to find that two of those blogs were being pummelled by some of their readers. As I do not know the details, I'm not going to address specifics. That would be impossible, since I don't know them.

Coupling this with yesterday's post, I just want to address the fact that each of us, every day, has to fight many battles put in our paths. Sometimes those battles are fought against circumstances, like my fight against weakness and pain. It is the ones that are fought against others that are filling my thoughts at the moment. Especially those that must be fought against those who injure us, either in word or in deed. How do we fight them? Do we, like those mentioned above, throw unkind words in response to something with which we disagree? Do we use the tactics of military forces throughout the world and try to be bigger and better than everybody else? Or, do we fight our battles as Christ did asking our Father to forgive those who have offended us in some way.

Although I have not blogged long enough to have garnered any enemies, I hope that I would choose to fight as my Master did should the time ever come that my blog, its content or its intent are ever questioned. The only time we have recorded in scripture in which Christ became angry enough to react whether than act, is the episode in which he overthrew the money changers' tables in the Temple. That reaction was not with regard to an act done toward him but regarding an action taken toward God, our Father. Those at which Christ was angry were desecrating God's temple, not yet injuring Christ personally. If I am ever to get angry, let it be because of some enemy of God's acting in a fashion in disrespect to Him, not in disrespect to me. My feelings are of little concern to most of those on this earth. However, the feelings of God should be of concern to all. If they are not today, they will be one day. When we all stand before God at judgment, every knee will bow, and I am sure, no harsh words will be spoken, either in my direction or in God's.

If you must fight, please fight for the right. Save your angry words for something of value and then, be sure you are not fighting just to be fighting or to make yourself of some importance. Make your energies count. Just don't throw out words in an effort to fulfill your agenda. Let God's agenda be in the forefront.

Last year, I was asked to write a poem about victory based on the scripture found in Ephesians 6:12-18. The following is that writing. Please choose your battles carefully. Your entire future can rest upon that choice.

God Bless,

Ephesians 6:12-18

A war is a series of battles
One fought then the next in rows.
Valiant soldiers are winners of many.
In others they face only woes.

Life is a series of battles
Between us and Satan’s horde.
Fighting the bad and winning our souls
With the good given in God’s word.

Each of us must put on God’s armor,
Be ready when the battles do come,
Stand firm in the path of evil ones,
Never fail midst the battle drums.

Buckle belts of truth around our waists,
Put our righteous breastplates on,
Shod our feet with the Gospel,
We’re now ready for a battle won.

Add to this the shield of a great faith
That will block Satan’s flaming spears.
On our heads put salvation’s helmets,
In our hands, Spirit’s Swords for years.

This great Sword, it is the Word of God
That will guide us in all our ways,
As we pray at many different times
With different requests each day.

We’ll face each battle ready to fight
Satan’s evil army of foes.
We’ll have the VICTORY God intends
Today and as eternity goes.

Mimmy aka Joyce Smith
September 8, 2008

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  1. Your poetry, Mims, reflects the strength of your Faith...It brings your beliefs to the forefront, and I was sorry to hear that there were comments hurled at some of the blogs..That is unforgivable, as we all have our own beliefs and agenda. Rather than leave an ugly post, then just go away...
    Thank you for sharing...


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