Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Loving Heart

As I was going through my poetry "library", this one struck me. Right now, I can't even remember the event that prompted it. That's not a good thing. From here on out, I intend to make a note at the end of each poem if it's written for a special occasion. That having been said, the event really doesn't matter. What does matter is that there are more good things in this world than there are evil. We just have to search.

If I'm not careful, I can easily get caught up in the difficult situations in my life rather than looking at the blessings God has given me. Looking back at those blessings is what is sustaining both Pat and me through this time of financial uncertainty and my health problems. There have been so many times in my life that I would walk through the front door after work and be afraid to flip a light switch. The fear that the power had been cut off was very real. There were very few times when I found myself in this pickle that the money to pay the electric bill didn't come from somewhere without me having to ask. God already knew what was needed and took care of it. Isn't He a wonderful Father?

There is one blessing given to me by God which shows there is never anything too small for God to take care of. At the time, this didn't seem so small though. Monica, our oldest daughter, was already two weeks overdue. She ended up waiting a month past her due date to make her appearance into this big, wide, wonderful world. The doctors kept telling me that I must have miscalculated my dates, but when she was born with a very, very, full head of hair, wrinkled face, hands and feet, holding up her head and taking a full 6 ounces of formula at a feeding they decided I had not been mistaken. She was already a month old. Monica had just decided she didn't want to leave the comfort of Mommy's "tummy".

To say the least, I was making several trips to the bathroom each day. We were out of toilet tissue and money. Payday wasn't until Friday. This was Tuesday. When I went out to the mailbox Wednesday morning, what should I find but a full sized roll of Charmin. It was a free, unexpected, unsolicited, but really needed sample. See, God can even take care of toilet paper. If He can look into my life completely enough to give me toilet tissue, He knows me well enough to provide for me both financially, physically but most of all spiritually.

My challenge to you is to look around your world, count all of the blessings God has given you and see if you can find something "small" that he has taken care of for you. The big things we always see. Sometimes we forget to thank Him for all of the little things in our lives he takes care of each day. Ever need a loaf of bread, think you have no money, be searching your car and sofa, reach into your pocket and pull out $5.00. I have. Aren't God's blessings quite wonderful?

If you don't have a toilet paper story in your life I'm quite sure that you can find another little blessing from God. Take a look and make sure that you have a Heart full of love for our Heavenly Father while you do.

God Bless,


Hope and Health, Home and Happiness
Happy faces with turned up smiles;
Hurrying children and quick Hellos
Heavenly golden miles.

Eyes full of laughter, Ears to hear it,
Endless lists of friends we love,
God’s Earth and all that’s in it
Eternity with God above.

All God’s children, All God’s words,
All God’s loving care,
All God’s blessings, All God’s beings
All good everywhere.

Relatives with which to share,
Running children, Racing thoughts,
Rules that God has given
So we know what’s good, what’s not.

Tears of laughter, Tears of care,
Tons of friends with which to cry,
Truth, Tranquility, Thankfulness
A Trustworthy Savior who died.

These are some things that we should love
But only just a few.
God has been so good to us
A full list we can’t do.

If we’ll try and love these things
At least we’ll have a start.
We won’t have very far to go
To a truly loving HEART.

Mimmy aka Joyce Smith
November, 2004

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  1. Awesomely beautiful in pure gratitude...Just look at all the GOOD things in your poetry! If only all would look for the rainbow instead of complaining about the buckets of rain...I liked this work very much, Mims...
    Thank you for sharing about your daughter..It was a loving story...


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