Friday, August 7, 2009

A Speial Visitor

This week, our grandson Trey has been visiting with us. He has been an absolute joy to have here. His poor legs will never be the same. Running errands for me has been has biggest pass-time.

Trey is a very special young man. He recently turned 15 and will soon hit 6 feet tall. We wish this was a blessing, but he is taller than average because he suffers from
Marfan Syndrome. Marfan's causes more than average height and most of those who suffer from it have an arm span that is greater than their overall height. They also have very fragile joints that can become "dislocated" with very little provocation. Trey has learned how to reset most of his joints independently, although any major joint dislocation still required medical attention. Thankfully, as he has grown, he has learned the tactics required for prevention rather than cure.

The major symptom, and the one that fears us most, is the fact that the aorta can expand beyond it's limits and burst. This generally occurs in the mid to late teen years, but the last scan that Trey had did not indicate any growth over the one prior to it. For that we are thankful.

Besides getting me glasses of water, fixing my breakfast and just generally keeping me company, we have played "Upwords", at which Trey excels, done some crafting and watched old movies on TV. He also went to Vacation Bible School every evening and helped out with the young children's classes. Didn't I tell you he's a super kid.

Today, I'm going to share with you the poem that I wrote for Trey on his last birthday. If you are interested in a photograph of him, visit my post introducing him to you, here.

Trey, thank you so very much for all of your help this week. We will truly miss you when you go home.

Happy Birthday Trey

On this the day you turn fifteen
You’ve grown so very tall
That we can hardly face the fact;
Seems only yesterday you were small.

You’ve grown into a special “man”
Though not quite one in years,
Remember as you grow in height
To listen with open ears,

To the scriptures as they tell you
The best way to walk in life,
If you follow in Christ’s footsteps
You’ll have a much happier life.

As you celebrate this birthday
In what ever manner you choose,
Remember that we love you
And our love you’ll never lose.

Mimmy 5/26/09


  1. You certainly gifted Trey with a loving poem, Mims. I am sure that he so enjoyed his visit with you...You gave his sage advice about his footsteps in life...
    Thanks for sharing, Mims..

  2. Thank You for sharing this touching post. Happy Birthday Trey. I have read it twice. What a perfect grandma you are. I pray for his health and am so glad his last tests were good. I love all your poems. The part you wrote
    " To the scriptures as they tell you
    The best way to walk in life,
    If you follow in Christ’s footsteps
    You’ll have a much happier life." Touched my heart. I tried to view his pic, but it took me to a search board. Many Blessings,


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