Sunday, May 31, 2009

Meet Miss Hali

No, this is not a picture of Hali. This is a picture of "her" rock in my "natural" area in front of our house. Right now about the only thing natural about it are the weeds. The azaleas were pretty in the spring but now they are just another bush to be trimmed. (That's a hint Zachary.) Before Hali came to live with us, I had made a stepping stone with the boys' names on it. After she came, I wanted something with her name on it in the "garden" so I painted this rock. Don't think it turned out too bad if I do say so myself.

This is Hali in 2005 when she got the Miss CBC award at Carolina Bible Camp for the first of seven weeks. She would rather be at camp than just about anywhere else in the world. A few months ago Hali went back to live with her Mom. This was a good choice for Hali although I had a hard time letting her go. She had been with us for a long time and we really miss her. She is coming back to go to camp in a couple of weeks and I can't wait to give her a huge hug. I may not let her go for a while. You'd better prepared for a boa constrictor hug (in case you didn't know, that's worse than a bear hug).

This is Hali with her "big" brothers. Zachary, in the blue, is actually her big brother by 18 months, if I can count right. Dakota, in black, is her "little" brother by 20 months, again, if I can count right. He's about to pass Zachary up in height so will that make him the "big" brother? She hasn't changed much since this picture but I have to post at least one shot to embarrass her. This was taken in 2003 when she was a cheerleader for the Boys and Girls Club football and basketball teams. Ain't she cute.

Hali just turned 16 a few weeks ago. Hopefully she won't mind but I'm sharing with you the poem I wrote to go in her 16th Birthday Card. It is a special poem and I literally worked on it for weeks. It will give you some insight into the things that she likes and how sweet she is. Hali, I'm very proud of the young lady you are becoming and pray daily that you will continue on God's path.
Enjoy Hali's poem and send me some of yours or let me know how to find them.
God bless,

Happy 16th Hali

On this your sixteenth birthday
You have wonderful things ahead.
You are planning out your future
And dreaming marvelous dreams in bed.
You dream of getting your license
To go shopping with your friends,
Trying clothes on all day long
With no purchases at day’s end.
You dream of all the high fashion
That hangs behind closet doors,
And all the many pair of shoes
Strewn upon your bedroom floor.
You dream of having your first date
With starry eyes and wistful bliss.
Will he be tall and handsome?
Will he give you your very first kiss?
You dream of the day you’ll graduate
And be heading off to college.
You’ll work so hard and one day teach
Little brains that are searching for knowledge.
You dream of the day you will marry
And become some lucky man’s wife.
Just wait a while for this dream
So as not to give us much strife.
You dream of the day you’ll have children
And your life will forever be changed.
Some days will be just glorious.
Some days will seem sort of strange.
You’re probably not dreaming much further
Than this point in your life ahead.
There is no way we can tell you
If dreams come true or just stay in bed.
You know that I can’t write a poem
Without writing of the greatest dream.
If you live your life as God planned
All your dreams will quite small seem.
For When God’s plans have come to fruition
And the dreams that He wants have come true,
You will walk through the gate of Heaven
To the home Christ has said you are due.
But to get to the end of this journey
The fulfillment of your dreams and God’s plan
It seems that every once in a while
You just might need a helping hand.
So remember that we’ll always love you
And will be here to help with your dreams.
We not only can give you a helping hand
But will pray for you on bended knee.

Mimmy, April 2009

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Vintage Wedding Refashioned Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

This dress won't fit me but it will my granddaughter, Hali. It is my plan to introduce her to you later today. Take a look at this and give it a shot. Just don't take it away from Hali and me.

God Bless,

Vintage Wedding Refashioned Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is It Spring?

On the way home from Bible study last night, Pat and I stopped at the grocery store for some "bread and milk", and ice cream, and frozen dinners, and whatever else was on sale that we "needed". As is our ordinary practice, unless Pat is going to be shopping very long, I sat in the car and waited on him. While waiting, the thoughts that I share with you in this post rambled through my mind. My thoughts quit rushing a long time ago. Thankfully, at least I think so, I remembered the notebook in the backseat and penned the poem that is the heart of this post.

It shares my thoughts on the passing of time and how we need to fill it. Our schedule for today took me out into the world do so something other than go to worship. It was not a very exciting trip. It was a doctor's appointment. We then stopped and picked up a prescription for our grandson, stopped at Staples to get an ink cartridge for the printer, went to Taco Bell for a cheap lunch, got the prescription filled and then went home.

There are many days that I sit in our room and wish I could get out but, the whole time we were out and about today all I wanted to do was come home. We are extremely hard to please. Not only are we never satisfied with activities that any given day holds, we can't wait for the next day to get here. As I get older, it completely baffles me how much more quickly times flies. It seems to me that it was only yesterday there was snow (wishful thinking) on the ground and our Christmas tree was up. (Don't tell anybody, but Dakota took the last of our Christmas decorations down Tuesday of this week, boxed them up and put them all out in the garage.) At the rate this year is passing, it will be time to start Christmas shopping again before we know it.

Take care, smell the roses and God bless,



Lilies blooming.
Grass growing.
Sun shining.
Breezes blowing.

Birds soaring.
Bees buzzing.
Rabbits hopping.
Fawns snuggling.

Boats sailing.
Bibbers popping.
Skate boards rolling.
Ice cream toppings.

Baseball’s flying.
Frisbees gliding.
Music playing.
Children hiding.

Kites on air ride.
Folks are strolling.
Kids on skates glide.
Storm winds blowing.

Spring is here now.
Soon we’ll wonder,
How’d we get snow,
We will ponder?

Time sure flies fast.
Count your blessings.
Make each day count.
No more messing.

Let’s get busy.
Smell some flowers.
Feel the warm sun.
Build sand towers.

Who knows what
The next day brings,
Thorns and thistles.
Birds that sing.

Know that what
Tomorrow holds
God will be there
What e’er unfolds.

May 28, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Trey

I would like you to meet one of my other grandsons, Trey. I have chosen today to introduce him to you because today is his fifteenth birthday (bet you thought I'd forget). This is very hard for me to believe because I remember when he was born. He was a little, tiny, (excuse me Jeni) scrawny thing but his eyes were blue enough to fall into, and they still are. His hair was almost white although it has turned to a deeper shade of blond. It still bleaches out in summer and I'm quite sure the girls love to get their hands in it (Watch out Mom).

He loved to cuddle, I don't hardly ever remember him crying except for when he wanted his Mommy and then he let the whole world know. He's always been a "Mama's Boy" and Trey, that's quite alright. Never quit loving your Mom with the special love that you show her. It fills my heart with joy. Of course, you have got to share some of that love for Mimmy and never outgrow "kissies". From the time he could walk, he would stop in mid stream, run up to me, hug my leg and say "kissie time Mimmy" and give me a great big smooch. (Sorry Trey, I just had to embarrass you a little bit.)

Trey, we hope you have had a wonderful day and that you know how very much Papat and I love you. We are very proud of the young man you are becoming. Please keep traveling the wonderful path on which you have started. Remember who your Father is and always choose what's good and pure.

Today I'm sharing with you the poem that I wrote for this special occasion. Hopefully it will give you some insight into how much we love this young man.

God Bless,

Happy Birthday Trey

On this the day you turn fifteen
You’ve grown so very tall
That we can hardly face the fact;
Seems only yesterday you were small.

You’ve grown into a special “man”
Though not quite one in years,
Remember as you grow in height
To listen with open ears,

To the scriptures as they tell you
The best way to walk in life,
If you follow in Christ’s footsteps
You’ll have a much happier life.

As you celebrate this birthday
In what ever manner you choose,
Remember that we love you
And our love you’ll never lose.

Mimmy 5/26/09

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Heroe Hubby

If you read my post on May 21st, you know that I referred to my husband, Pat, as Hero Hubby and I meant it. However, it is hard for me to use any other name other than the one given to him by his mother to refer to him. Why, I'm not sure, but if you read his comment to that particular post, I am sure you can begin to understand.

Pat is the name that he used when he was first introduced to me, Pat is the name my father used when he took our marriage vows and pronounced us husband and wife, and except for a VERY private nickname that we share only with the family, Pat is the only name I have called him since then.

It is the name I call him when we are in the throws of passion, it is the name I call him when I do get angry at him, it is the name that always, "I love you", and due to the way God has created us, it is the name that some day, hopefully not for an extremely long time, will be carved into his tombstone.

It is the name that those who know him best have called him for his entire life. It is the name that his mother uses with love that only a mother can exude. Most of the time, except for when they call him "Rick", it is the name his siblings use, both when they are loving him, when they are teasing him, and when they are "fussing" at him.

It is the name that those in our church family call him. It is the name that lists him in our church bulletin as a Deacon and it is the name he uses when he goes to our Father in prayer.

Most importantly, it is the name he has loved and has never tarnished, without polishing it, throughout his entire life. There are few people that I respect and admire more and there is no one on this earth that I love more than I do PAT.

Thank you God for giving him to me and may I never do anything to hurt and tarnish the name that he so lovingly shares with me.

This poem is one that I wrote to Pat on our Anniversary in 2001. Hopefully it will convince you, if you aren't already, that I do love this Hero Hubby of mine even if I must call him Pat.

God Bless,
Mimmy aka Joyce

August 21, 2002

What do I give you on this special day,
Is the question I ask of myself.
Should I give you a necktie, a shirt or some socks
Or a book that will sit on the shelf.

So I thought I would run down the list of those gifts
That I’ve given to you in the past,
To see what you might need or just might yet want
And to see what most likely would last.

You have all my trust for you see there’s no other
To whom I can open my heart,
With whom I can share all my secrets so deep
Even those that do tear me apart.

You’re truly the one who has all my faith
For forever in you I’ll believe;
‘Cause you never have given me reason to doubt,
And you always my fears do relieve.

I gave you my love a long time ago
At the same time I gave you my heart,
So you truly are stuck with me ever and ever
For we never, oh never will part.

So I guess there’s just one thing to do on this day
And that’s start at the very beginning,
And give you my trust, my faith, and my love,
Not just now, but for time without ending.

I Love You,

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Freedom's Call

This weekend is a special one. We will hear a lot about it on the television and radio. There will be races run, ballgames played, picnics held, swimming pools will open, amusements parks will start they annual seasons, America will generally come to life with activity.

In the midst of all of this activity, I hope we are remembering given those lives, both literally and in living service, to protect the right that we have to enjoy all of these entertainment outlets. Do we stop and think about the young men and women who are away from home fighting for our freedom at this very moment? Do we stop to think about all of those who have died in battles and wars, won and lost, to protect this country and its inalienable rights? Do we even stop to think about the rights we do have or do we just gripe about what we see as rights lost? Do we complain about government having gotten too big or are we thankful that we are still able to attend worship on Sunday at the building of our choice and not worry about armies coming in and shooting down the entire congregation? Are we thankful that our children can still receive a free education, in some states all the way through college? Do we take into account, whether we want to own a gun or not, that our government still gives us that right? Our government is not afraid of its citizens as a whole. If someone uses a gun in an illegal manner, are we thankful that we have free protection from these individuals or do we only criticize those who spend every day protection us and our children from those who do not know the proper use of a gun? (For the record, I don't like guns and I don't want one in my house. However, I'll defend your right to have one to anyone on any platform.)

This matter of freedom could be written about enough to compile an entire book. In fact, there are lots of books that talk about this country, its freedoms, its rights, and those who have fought, died and live to protect those freedoms and rights.

This weekend and its celebration, should be held dear to our hearts and should be a holiday spent in some way thanking our military forces, past and present, for continually being ready or currently in the field, fighting for you and me. When I see our flag flying, an eagle soaring or a young man or woman in military uniform, I become filled with pride. When I see our current government officials from city councilmen and women to the President of the United States I am proud of them and the fact that they want to serve this country in what they believe to be a positive way. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to vote for these officials and that I have the right to dispute their opinions and their decisions knowing that I will not be in any way harmed because I oppose them. I am also thankful for the fact that even if you do not vote, you can still dispute their decisions, write demeaning articles, even call them names and burn your flag, and this government will not take any action against you.

Although the economy of this country is experiencing a low rivaled only by the Great Depression, I still believe in the free enterprise that has been the base of this economy since the Revolutionary War. There are most certainly different levels of wealth lived by our citizens. Some of us are billionaires, some of us are millionaires, some are wealthy, some are middle class, some are considered poor but do not go hungry and have a place to live, and there are those who do not have any food to eat or anywhere to get in out of the impending weather. To some extent, we can control where on this economic ladder we are. Employment is getting harder to come by. Some of us have been looking for jobs for months and even years. Some of us may lose our houses but we do not need to lose our homes. Some of us may not be able to continue to live at our current standard but we do not need to be hungry. For the most part, this country does provide for its own and for those who cannot find assistance from our government, those of us who have are generally willing to give to those who are in need.

There are many things about this country, at this time in its history, that I do not particularly like. Even with its faults, as I see them, I cannot think of another place in the world that I would rather live. May God continue to give this country the blessings it needs, the resources it requires and the people it seeks to continue to hold its status as the greatest country in the world.

Thank you Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and their Reserve Forces for all you have done throughout history to maintain our freedom. May we as your citizens continue to respect this freedom and do all that we can to sustain these freedoms for all of your citizens.

The poem I'm sharing today is one that I wrote in 2001. It speaks of not only the freedom we have in this country but the freedom from sin that those who obey Christ and His commandments has and the responsibility that we have to share that freedom with others. Let us ever be thankful for the country in which we live and for the God that we serve.

God Bless America,
Mimmy aka Joyce Smith


The United States of America,
The land of the free and the brave.
The land that says "In God We Trust"
Where the stars and stripes does wave.

Sometimes I’m made to wonder
If we’re really free or brave.
Do we truly trust in God
From sin and evil to save?

Are we free from the bonds of sin,
The chains of fretful care?
Do we have the courage to stand
To with friends our Lord to share?

Can we say with great assurance
That we’ll live in Heaven someday?
Do we trust God just enough
To be miserable on life’s way.

As we stand up tall and proud
Singing how truly glad we are
To live and work and play and pray
In this land, the best by far;

Let’s also stand up tall and proud
Singing with faith and praise,
How blessed we are to have a God
Who guides us in our ways,

Who has promised all of us
That He will set us free,
If we walk within His light
And serve in His army.

So let us share His precious love
With all who would be saved
So that this land can truly be
The home of the free and the brave.

Joyce K. Smith
October 24, 2001

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bad Day Gone Worse

Today (actually yesterday now) has been a very down day. My pain has been at levels that I have not had to endure for a while. The way in which I handled it was not the best. First of all, I slept for 12 hours which I tend to do until the pain wakes me up. This happens primarily because I do not get my early morning pain medication. Pat thought I got up early and took it so he let me sleep. It was his birthday and he let me sleep in. What a guy.

The rest of the day was spent in my chair until now. I just feel that it is important for me to get all of this out of my system. Pat started asking me questions after he came in from Bible study and I bit his head off for nothing. This is happening too much and it only happens when I am really hurting. There has to be a way to make this stop. If anybody reads this and has a suggestion I am listening with open ears. He is too good a man to have to put up with this foolishness. (I wanted to say crap but I don’t let my grandchildren say it so I won’t either.)

I’ve been praying about this but maybe I’m not praying hard enough or maybe God has just told me, "Hey Mimmy, this is one you have to handle. I told you I wouldn’t give you temptation more than you could bear so here, bear it!!!" Anyway, unless any of you have a better suggestion, I’m going to keep praying and keep trying to do better and see what happens.

Pat, if you read this, I’m sorry. I’ve told him this to his face but he just says there’s nothing to be sorry for. You and I know better than that so maybe if I write it here, he’ll believe it.

Thanks to you all and God Bless,
Mimmy aka Joyce

My Angry Words

My body was in pain today
From my toes up to my head.
Most of the day I was at rest
Saying nothing, just taking meds.

The pain grew in intensity.
It just wouldn’t go away.
My meds were taken as I should.
I was tempted to send more my stomach’s way.

I tried putting ice packs on my neck.
Tried putting head upon my legs.
Tried doing puzzles to take my mind
Off the pain that had me in the dregs.

My boys came in and wanted to talk.
I really wasn’t in the mood.
So with as little talking as I could get by
I gently scooted them out of the room.

My hubby came in and fixed me brunch.
Later on he brought me by dinner.
He worked on papers for things at church.
Seems to me like I have quite a winner.

So why when he came in from Bible class
And I gave him a telephone message,
Did I jump on his case and give him what for,
Just because he asked me some questions?

Why is it we hurt the ones we love,
More than anyone one else on earth?
Why can’t we treat them like others in life?
Treating them with the care they are worth.

Sometimes I think it’s because I feel
Secure in his love for me.
I don’t fear he’ll hate me or leave me behind,
Even if I’m a totally ornery cuss.

What’s even worse is that I treat God this way
Even after the gift of His Son.
No greater gift has any many given
So why do I treat him so bum?

And as if things couldn’t get any worse
When I treat Hubby the way that I do,
The Bible tells me that I’m doing the same
To Christ, what a wrong I did do.

We have to remember our families at home
Are also our family at church.
We can’t take out our frustrations on them
And leave then hanging in a truly ugly lurch.

Treat all men with kindness every day
Whether family or foe or friend.
That is the order we have from above
Love them all as God loves to the end.

Mimmy aka Joyce Smith
May 21, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Nature, Peruse it, Enjoy it, Protect it

What is your favorite natural site? Is it the Grand Canyon? The Philippine Islands? One of the Virgin Islands? The top of a mountain? Maybe it's your backyard. A lot of what makes it your favorite site is who you enjoyed it with and what you did while you were there. Because I have been blessed with a wonderful husband who at the time traveled a great deal with his job and accumulated many frequent flyer miles, I have had the opportunity to travel much of the world from the Virgin Islands to Bora Bora. We have been to San Francisco, Gatlenburg, Orlando, Williamsburg and a few places in between. The places have been beautiful. We've been blessed to stay in 5 star motels because we were able to obtain a time share. But, if I had the opportunity to go to any of these places today and you told me I would have to go alone, I'd say, no way. I'll just stay at home with my Heroe Hubby.

You see, right now we no longer have the time share. We had to liquidate to have monies to live on. We have very few of the frequent flyer miles because HH is no longer working at all, let alone for a company where he can accumulate free miles. A trip anywhere right now is out of the question because of gasoline prices plus the fact that my health precludes car travel. So, where is my favorite place right now. It's still right around the corner where we can take a blanket, spread it on the table (I can't sit on the ground anymore) and have a peanut butter sandwich, apples and cookies. You ask how can this measure up to a thatched hut in Bora Bora. Well, it's not the place, it's the company.

There is no one I would rather spend my time with than Heroe Hubby. He is wonderful. His heart is so full of love that he constantly gives it away. You see. That's the funny thing about love. The more you give it way, the more you get back. Besides that, HH knows my every need. He can read me like a book and know exactly what he needs to say. I love him so much. God blessed me with the perfect partner. Thank you Lord.

Gifts From God - His Nature

The first gift of God’s wondrous nature
That I remember having been given,
Was my family’s first camping trip
Where I slept under God’s great heaven.

We had yet to get any equipment,
Didn’t even have a tent.
Mama and Tracy Ann slept in the car;
Papa and I did from God His sky rent.

I had never seen such a wondrous sight
As the brightness of God’s stars aloft.
Being a rather curious girl,
At dawn I asked who had turned them off.

For many years after that occurred
Camping was our summer vacation.
We added each year to our camping gear
And had many wonderful nature’s revelations.

Once a family of skunks acted right at home
As we sat around the fire singing.
One night we sat the tent up
In a deluge of wind and hard raining.

Pat and I have shared many gifts from God
As we shared together His nature,
From the complete darkness of Mammoth Caves,
To the majestic walls of the Painted Desert.

The most wonderful gift I remember
Is when we made our trip out west,
And while standing on the rim of Grand Canyon
Sang "How Great Thou Art" to our best.

We have been to the isle of St. Thomas
Where we fed the iguana by hand,
And then to Pepeete Tahiti
From where we flew to Bora Bora to land.

We’ve been blessed to see tall mountains
Valleys quite deep and wide below,
We’ve seen ocean waters so clear and blue
Sand so white it appeared to be snow.

With all of these wondrous blessings
God has given me to share
My favorite is ‘round the corner,
We pack a picnic with what’s there,

And grab our big brown comforter
And load them in the back of the car,
Putting a radio in the basket too,
We have supper at Frank Liske Park.

None of this would ever be possible
If God had not spoken it into being,
And given us such wondrous things
For our hearing, feeling and seeing.

We need to enjoy them every day,
Thanking God for this world we’ve been given.
We need to take care of it every day,
Treating it as we will Heaven.

Joyce K. Smith

Sunday, May 17, 2009

In Despair

Today I am doing something that I do not intend to do on a regular basis, maybe never again. This post is to a particular person who is very much in my life but I am very little in hers. She has a blog of her own and is going through an extremely difficult time. She has a child who is very ill, she and her husband are dealing with it on different levels, she is blaming God and is therefore considering herself a great sinner who has surrendered to Satan.

My friend, there have been many times in my life that I have blamed God for my situation in life. In fact, I am arguing with Him right now. Many biblical characters have asked God why. The one who comes to my mind right now is Paul who wanted God to get rid of his "thorn in the flesh". God said His grace was sufficient for Paul. Do I think that Paul quit asking God to get rid of it? I'm not sure. Being the human that he was, I doubt it. Did that make Paul a great sinner? No!! Paul spent his entire life working for the Lord in spite of his thorn in the flesh. Am I telling you that you have to accept your son's illness without questioning God, No?

When God tells us he is going to answer our prayers, it is very hard for us to accept when he tells us, no. So many people have been praying for healing for your son. Maybe God is saying, my grace is sufficient for you. At the same time, you are having to deal with little sleep, probably not sufficient nutrients, the stress of dealing with the everyday "hastles" of handling your son's physical needs, financial stress, family pressures (although well meaning), having not yet had a chance to deal with the mourning you experienced just a short time ago, and a lot of other things I can't begin to know because I am not in your shoes and I am not there.

You have asked that we not tell you how strong you are and how wonderful we think you are so I won't. However, God has told us that He won't give us more than we can bear. There have been many times in my life, right now for one, that I have wished God did not think so much of me because I don't think I can handle it one more day. There have been many times that I have thought about Job and how he must have asked God to stop having conversations with Satan, he had dealt with enough. Sometimes I wonder if those conversations are going on today. If they are, I am right now asking God to end the conversation he is currently having with Satan about you. YOU HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

That is going to be my prayer for you:

God, she has had enough. Either take the physical cause of the pain away or make her see that she does have the strength to handle it. She needs your comfort. You know what she needs to feel calm and in control. Give her that blessing. You know what she needs to handle the every day stresses and pain. Give her that blessing. You know many other blessings that she needs that I don't even begin to know how to ask. God, give her those blessings. God, you are most awesome and you know what we all need even before we ask. Please Lord, give us those blessings. In your Son's name, Amen.

I love you to Heaven and back,
Aunt Joyce, aka Mimmy

(There will not be a poem with today's post. I'm too tired and drained. My final thought for today will be that there are many other people out there dealing with this same situation. Many people are questioning God and are asking why. If you are dealing with this and want to share your feelings, please feel free to do so here. We can set aside poetry for a few days to deal with a very important issue. I love you all, Mimmy aka Joyce)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Run Boy Run

Yesterday was a busy day. Posting was kind of out of the question but I missed it. Doing this every day will be impossible for me, but I wish I could. The main event of my day yesterday was going to see my grandson, Dakota, compete in a track meet. We didn't get to see him participate in his favorite event, the high jump, because the officials, in all their wisdom, started the meet early. They really need to take into consideration that parents and grandparents want to see their children and grandchildren compete in all of the events and not just the last ones. As it turned out, Dakota was glad we didn't get to see him jump. He was not up to his usual form which is right around 5 feet. He has cleared it several times this year but hasn't been able to practice much lately because his school did not have jumping bars. The only one they had for practice got broken the second week of the season and it didn't get replaced until the week before last.

Handsome, ain't he. (Don't tell him I said so.)

His second event was the 400 meter which is one lap around the quarter mile track. He gave it his all but since this really isn't his event he came in last in his heat. After giving this a lot of consideration and after tying his results into some conversations we've had, a lot of the reason he did not do well yesterday was mental. Dakota is a kid (14 years old) who finishes what he has committed to. Several of the kids decided to quit track when it began to interfere with the end of the year festivities. Many of them were the teams better athletes and it really hurt the team's meet results the latter half of the season. Dakota got very disallusioned with this particular situation. He worked hard, ran hard, jumped high, but at this last meet when there were only about half of the original team there, it was hard for him to give 100%. I really don't blame him.

Can you tell it's the last morning of church camp.

Dakota will go on to high school next year. Hopefully he will be able to wrestle, run track, and he is considering the tennis team. We are looking forward to watching him participate in whatever sports he chooses next year. Whatever they are, the school will benefit greatly from having Dakota, both as a student and as an athlete. Dakota, we will be sitting in the stands yelling "Run Baby Run" no matter what you are doing (We'll sound pretty silly yelling run, baby, run when you are jumping the high jump but at least you'll know who it is.). We will however hold our tongues when you are getting academic awards (yeh, maybe we will).

Love you to Heaven and back,



Dakota is a special young man
Full of love and
Affection bar none.
He’ll give you a hug and a
Kiss if you ask
Off the cuff when day’s done.
He loves to run
Track and to jump very high,
Runescape his "
Arcade" game of choice.
Outside with his friends,
C.amp at least for two weeks,
Selections if given a voice.
Give him a keyboard and
Music he’ll play.
His poodle, Reese,
Is his favorite pet.
The thing I love mos
T in this wonderful lad
Is that on
Heaven his future is set!

Mimmy aka Joyce Smith
May 16, 2009

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mixed Feelings

Yesterday and today have been days of extremely mixed feelings. I did not find out until yesterday afternoon that our lovely little Kayleigh finally surrendered to her long fought battle and went to be with Jesus. This has made me both sad and relieved. Sad for the family who will have to deal with their loss for a very long time and relieved that Kayleigh can now truly rest peacefully with no pain or distress.

Another reason for my mixed feelings is that I have been helping my 17 year old grandson with a research paper. My feelings during this process have included irritation, frustration, happiness, fatigue, exasperation, joy, ignorance, tolerance (you can fill in the blanks) and finally complete and utter pride and fulfillment. Zachary is not now nor ever has been crazy about school. He is finally beginning to see the need for a diploma but this enlightenment is coming at a time when obtaining one is going to require a great deal more effort than it would have had he worked as hard as he has the last couple of days for the last two years. As we began work on this paper on Tuesday afternoon when all he had done were some of his research cards and one handwritten page of his rough draft, having known this paper was due for over two weeks and having had plenty of both in class and out of class time to work on it, I was totally frustrated.

(Ain't he cute, don't tell him I said so.)

After he worked hard yesterday completing his cards and enough of his typewritten rough draft that his teacher accepted it today and gave him an A (hooray): After he worked after school this afternoon, took a break to go visit a friend, went to Bible study, worked on putting the project together, completed the typewritten final draft and printed it out at about 11:00 p.m.: After it is beautifully done, well written, and something that he can be proud of and that I am proud of both for him and of him, I am totally and completely content. Zach, you are a super kid, I just wish you knew that. My feelings tonight have gone to those of being very tired and weary. As my Mama used to say, it's a good tired, one that comes from doing something good even though you really don't feel like it.
I close my post with a poem that I wrote in November, 2004 for Zachary. Hopefully putting it out there for the whole world to see, if they want to, will show him how proud I am of him and encourage him to keep on keeping on. I love you kiddo.
God Bless and goodnight. Mimmy
P.S. My prayers go out to Kayleigh's family. Please do not forget them now that Kayleigh is no longer with us and there won't be any more cute pictures for us to see. They will need us for a very long time.

Who is Zachary

From the day you were born
Until this very day
I have always known that
God planned out a way,

For you to fulfill as
You walk through His world
You just have to find it
And let it unfurl.

Your heart is bigger than
The whole great outdoors,
And your empathy for others
Gets the greatest of scores.

You are smart as a whip
And "cooler" than ice,
And whether you know it
You are really quite nice.

You’re handsome as all get out
And have talent galore
Just let it all out
And in this life you’ll score

Any dream or desire
You have in your heart,
Just let God help you
And then do your part

And you will be happier
Than you’ve ever been
Cause my dearest Zachary
You are more than a ten.

Love you to Heaven and back,

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mama and Freddy

If you read my Mothers' Day post, you know that I lost my Mama in 2000. We received the news that she had cancer in March, 2000 and she went to her home prepared for her by her Lord on the last day of June. About that time many of the Bible book stores had myriads of pins, stickers, pencils, erasers, (you name it they had it) with the anagram F.R.O.G. on it which we know stands for Fully Rely On God. One day while at work, I received a catalog in the mail with jewelry in it. There was the cutest little frog with a big green "emerald" on his back for his body. His legs and head were plated in "gold". I just had to have him. While I was waiting for his arrival, the thought of a poem to put with him ran through my had and the following is the final result except that I have made a few changes so that any of you who want to can feel free to use this with the frog of your choice, for a family member or friend of yours who may be facing trials for which they need to be reminded to F.R.O.G.

Have a splendiferous day and God bless,



They say my name is Freddy
And I am a little frog.
I like to hop and skip and jump
From log to log to log.

But there are folks who love you
And they wanted you to know,
So I’ve agreed to stay with you
And not wander to and fro.

I’ll just sit upon your shoulder
(Although that may seem odd),
So that I can remind you
To Fully Rely On God.

Joyce K. Smith
April, 2000

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers' Day

Since June, 2000, I have faced Mothers' Day with a bit of trepidation because my Mama is no longer with us. We are thankful that she not suffer for a very long time prior before giving up this life for one much more blessed. There have been lots of women come into my life during this time frame who have filled the role of mother in several different ways in our family. In Hebrews, we are given a list of the faithful and I think God wants us to name those who have done good deeds for us beyond the norm and of whom we, like Him, are proud, so here goes. (The only thing I hate about doing this is that you invariably leave someone out but hopefully those who have helped me are of a better cut than that and won't get their fingers hurt if my feeble mind fails to function to 100%).

First of all there is Mama Fran. She is my mother-in-law and I've heard all the stories you wish to share and Mama Fran just doesn't fit them. I knew I was in for a real treat when I got out of the car the first time I met her and she gave me a great bit hug. Considering she's about 3 inches shorter than me and I'm not very tall and she only weighed about 1/2 as much as I did then giving me a big hug was a chore. Mama Fran is now 93 and she has just reached the point that she will accept help in the kitchen when we are visiting. She is quite an extremely independent individual and hopefully she will be able to remain that way for several years to come. Thank you Mama Fran for always being there for me.

Well, number 2 is my Daddy's lady friend. She is a beautiful Christian woman and she and my Dad would have been married a long time ago except for these crazy pensions and insurance plan that cut off both Mama Bea's money and her insurance if she and my Daddy get married. Being both true followers of Christ, they won't consider "living together" but they enjoy each others company as much as possible in a Godly fashion. My Daddy says they may not be able to have bed and breakfast but they can at least have breakfast. The joy that she has brought into my Daddy's life is worth everything I have and if I could support them and pay for her expensive medical treatments I would do so. That's how much I want them to be happy. Thank you Mama Bea for sharing the time you have with Daddy with me when I come to visit.

Number 3 is Diana Merrill. Diana is a member of the congregation where we worship. She has provided respite care for our 14 year old grandson, Dakota for several months and when my health reached the point that I could not give Dakota the care he needed, she took him in on a full time basis with no additional monetary remuneration. She has been wonderful with him. You see, I have a hard time letting my boys go. They need to stay home with Mimmy until they are at least 35. However, they seem to want to start spreading their wings at about 15, no it's 14, well maybe 13, I really think it's 12 or maybe even 11...Anyway, Diana knows how to let out just enough rope to keep Dakota happy but keep her informed as to who, what, where and when. He is maturing wonderfully under her tutelage. Thank you Diana for taking Dakota under your wing and teaching him how to fly, the right way to fly, where to fly, and when to come home.

Bonnie Crunk is another member of our congregation who has stepped up to the plate, so to speak, for this family. In September 2008, our oldest grandson Zachary had been home from an anger management camp for about 3 months and was just doing great. But, we all know what happens if you put vinegar and soda in a bottle and shake it up, eventually it will explode. Well, he exploded. Thankfully, nobody was hurt but he had been told when he came home that if he put his hands on anybody in anger the police would be called, and unlike the former times, they would not be leaving without him. He spent three days in jail and we were in a quandry as to what we were to do. Pat was to pick him up at the jail Sunday after morning worship and we were relying on the Sheriff's Department to direct us to a halfway house or something. Frank and Bonnie Crunk, one of our elders and his wife, came to us to ask if they could take Zachary for a while. They have dealt with other troubled teens and thought they could do him some good. Well, who were we to say no to a blessing straight from Heaven. He has been there since and I won't pretend to say that the road has been smooth but it has been better. Bonnie is older than I am and should be enjoying her own great-grandchild and here she is taking in my grandson. Thank you Bonnie for caring enough to share your family with Zachary and treat him as if he were one of yours.

There are more but it is very late and my left hand is developing a mind of its own. To those ladies of whom I have written may I say God Bless you and Happy Mothers' Day.

To those of you who are mothers, who will soon be mothers, and even those who just want to be mothers, God Bless you and Happy Mothers' Day.

Now a special prayer request for those who were expecting to be mothers this Mothers' Day and they lost their baby to some terrible disease, to SIDS or to some other problem that they were not expecting. My heart aches for you. I'm not sure which is worse on Mothers' Day, having lost your mother or having lost a child. May God bless you so that you will soon return to the point that you can again reach out into the world and consider adding to your family in more unconventional ways if necessary.

Some families are born to us.
Some famililes are formed by us.
All families with God in them grow.

My poem for this post is one that I wrote some time ago. It was written more as an expose' on just women teaching women, but I think it very much applies to mothers teaching mothers teaching daughters. Hope you enjoy it.

Mothers teaching Mothers teaching Daughters

It starts when they are just wee tots
Beginning to learn to talk.
There is so much they want to know
Before they learn to walk.

They start out asking why, why, why,
And then its how, when, who.
Sometimes they ask so often
That we don’t know what to do.

But as their Moms and Grandmas,
Their Aunts, teachers and friends
We have to answer all they ask
From start of day to end.

We teach them how to walk and talk
And how to read and write.
We teach them how to sew a seam
And how to choose clothes right.

We teach them how to cook and clean
And how to set the table;
And we make sure that for this life
They’re ready and they’re able.

But we must also not forget
That we are fitting them
Not just for life upon this earth
But for eternity with Him.

So as we teach them what it takes
To have a life that’s true,
Let’s not forget to teach them how
To be God’s child so new.

Help them each day to see his love
In all that is around
And teach them how to live each day
So Christ in them is found.

And teach them so that they will teach
Their own children one day
How to live a life for Him
And walk within His way.

Joyce Smith aka Mimmy

God Bless you all and a
wonderful Happy Mothers' Day.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Sisters, Nieces and Friends

Those of you who blog, probably remember waiting for your first comment to hit. The computer keyboard has been hot with my continued trips to my blog to see if my first comment has appeared, and if so, who it was from. Well, my first was from my niece and my second from her mother.

It is strange how relationship change through the years. There are 4 years between my sister and me. We have always been friends primarily because we moved around a great deal during our youth and we always knew we could rely on each other. Secondly, we both liked to play the same things. Church and school were probably our favorites and we usually had plenty of doll babies and stuffed animals to fill the pews or the school desks.

Coming in a close third would be house. That became an all time favorite when our brother was born when I was 9. He was always our baby and we would dress him up in the clothes of our life size "three year old dolls". His poor little feet would be crammed into those hard plastic shoes and then we would push him up and down the sidewalk in our doll stroller. Dinner would be cooked on the stove that we had made out of a card board box with burners and nobs drawn on with markers. Another box was the refrigerator and another was out cabinet. Mama would save us empty boxes from the pantry to use as our food stash and we usually had a teacup set and table and chairs to finish off the kitchen. We would spend hours and never thought to ask for a "real" kitchen set.

As we entered out teens, we still stayed friends although as our outside friendships developed we tended to drift apart just a little. Part of that was due to sharing a room and to the fact that she was a clean freak and I most certainly wasn't. Then I married and left home at the age of 18. About 5 years later, she started her family and as we began to have things in common again, we began to rely on each other for advice and fun. We weren't together often during the first years of our adult lives but about 10 years ago things changed when we both ended up in North Carolina. Now, we are just about separable. If we don't see each other as often as we would like we do burn up the phone lines.

My sister gave me my first niece. She was and is a beautiful young lady. I've always been Aunt Joycey to her and I loved every minute of it. I'm still Aunt Joycey to her today but now that she is an adult, a very faithful Christian, a wonderful wife and a marvelous mother of two, we also are now friends. We do not talk often, but when we do, I know that she will always be there for me and she knows the same of me.

Having them give the first comments to my blog is only as it should be. My sister, my niece, my friends. May God bless them both as fully as they have blessed my life. I love you both.

Sisters, Nieces and Friends

The first true girlfriend God gives you in life
Is probably your sister at birth,
Whether you were born as second in line
Or if you were presented as first.

As you grew through the years and shared every day
Of the lives you were blessed to pursue,
It didn’t matter if you’d fought at day break
By evening you were best friends, you two.

Then adulthood you entered more quickly than thought
You would share many milestones and goals.
You shared honors together, you held her first child,
You cried tears when you shared weary souls.

Then if you were truly blessed with one more female gift
You were given a niece one sweet day.
As she grew and grew and too became a Mom
She was also a friend on life’s way.

As you walk through this life from one day to the next
You will make many friends day by day.
There are none any closer than those you are given
Through the ties of your family tree’s sway.

Joyce Smith aka Mimmy
May 8, 2009 ©

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bad Day to Better Day

Well, here I am again. I told you yesterday that I would do my best to tell you how to turn a bad day into a better day in 10 minutes. Actually, it doesn't really take that long. All you have to do is quit thinking about yourself and think about somebody that needs you more than you need them and then do something about it. Maybe just a phone call or a note. I have spent today making special stationary and writing my daughter and her two children. They are having a rough time right now and I just want to do something special for them. It did me a lot of good although I'm really tired tonight.

I bet all of you already knew this because I can tell from all of the blogs and posts that I read that the majority of those who "blog" are people who believe in God and have a very strong faith. My hope is that you search his word to be sure that you are fulfilling his word and obeying his gospel. Don't trust what others, including myself, should tell you. Look into the Bible. Only there can you tell for sure that the life you are living will lead to your Heavenly home.

My poetic donation for the day is the one that I wrote earlier this month. It really covers what I'm trying to say about doing for others. Like it says, not only do you do something for somebody else and make yourself feel better, the good deed that you do is done for Jesus.

Hope you all have had Good Days and that God has blessed you as He has me today.

Love to all

Good Works
Matt. 25: 34-40

Our Bible says we should do Good Works
Letting our lights shine bright before men;
That others will see the good that we do
Glorifying our Father in Heaven.

So what are the good things we should do
To fulfill this command as is written?
Looking further in God’s word we find
Jesus listing some in His teachings.

Christ tells His disciples what to do
To inherit the Kingdom He made.
Those things they need to share with others
As they began their walk in God’s way.

If I am hungry please do feed me.
If thirsty, with me your drink share.
If I am a stranger, take me in.
Give me clothes if I’ve nothing to wear.

When you see that I have taken ill
Come and visit me in my home.
If I am in jail for a wrong done
Come to me, give me comfort when lone.

When Jesus was done the question came,
‘Lord, when to you did we do these things?’
His answer, ‘do these things to my brother
You do to me also great comfort bring.’

Sometimes we wonder as we travel
This life from one day to the next,
Are the deeds we do for those in need
Such that God will be seen at His best?

Every time you make a cake for dear friends
Who have lost a dear one to death,
Or you call a neighbor who has the flu
To the point she hardly takes a breath;

Then you clean your closet and dressers
Giving what you can’t wear to Goodwill;
And in a card to a man out of work
You enclose a twenty-dollar bill.

Even if you try to hide these things
That you do for those you see in need,
Others will hear of the good you do,
Give God the glory and then take heed

To those things that God in His word says
He wants them to do with their lives,
And you’ll lead them to Heaven above
Where they will no longer strive.

Joyce Smith, aka Mimmy
April 7, 2009 ©

Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday

Hey MckMama - This is my most certainly not my first not me Monday, definitely not my 7th week followng your blog and my blog is most incredibly not also brand new so it is not imperitive that you bare with me.

On this day, Not me Monday
I certainly did not confess
To being a brand now blogger
And not knowing what to do next.

I nost surely and completely
will never pull up my posts
Hoping that there's a comment
From anyone coast to coast.

As I worked a crossword puzzle
Just a little beyond my league
I certainly never peeked in back
To learn what answers they seek.

So on this my not first Monday
To post on MckMama's blog
This will not certainly be my only
"Cause I'm not hooked like a fly by a frog.

God Bless,
Joyce Smith aka Mimmy

Up Day/Down Day

Due to certain health conditions, I have what I call, up days and down days. I am quite sure that everybody reading this is exactly the same. Then, there are what I call better days. Those are the days when I'm not quite up and I'm not quite down.

Some days I get up and feel like I can do just about anything. Those are up days. Now, I can't do 1/10th of what I could when I was 16, not 1/4 of what I could when I was 30, and not 1/2 of what I could when I was 40, but, on good days, I can pretty much do all I could when I turned 50.

Now, on the down days, I can't do very much at all. Most of those days are spent reading, doing word puzzles and watching TV. Some of those days I can handle folding some clothes but then there are the days when I feel like the woman felt who inspired the following poem.

Maybe tomorrow I'll be having a better today. Today has been a down day. Maybe tomorrow I can discuss how to turn a down day into a better day in just about 10 minutes. In fact, my down day has just turned into a better day because of you.

May God bless you all as only He can,

To Brighten Your Day!!!

I heard a down cast woman say,
In a moment of despair,
She was absolutely worthless,

Downhearted and full of care.

It made me stop to wonder
How many others thought this way;
So I wrote this poem for them

And with these words I say;

That no one in this great big world
Is ever very small,
For you see God made everyone
And we should all stand tall;

‘Cause he loved us all so greatly
That He sent His only Son
To die upon the cruel cross
For each and every one.

So when you’re sick and tired
And forget what you are worth,
Remember how our Savior
Came and lived upon this earth,

And that if we obey his will
And do as His Word guides,
We’ll someday be at home with him
In our place prepared in the skies.

Joyce Smith aka Mimmy

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shared Tears

Yesterday, friends of mine lost their 28 year old granddaughter in a tragic shooting. Her husband has admitted to shooting her accidentally but the facts are somewhat "squirrelly". Since I am not comfortable with releasing the families' names without their permission and since I don't feel this is an appropriate time to ask, and since you don't need to know names to raise them up to God in prayer, I will simply ask that you remember "Mrs. P's" families in your prayers. As I have never lost anyone at a young age I can't imagine the myriads of feelings that are coursing through these families' hearts. Sorrow, pain, anger, rage, uncertainty, wanting to know exactly what happened, not wanting to know exactly what happened, hurt, relief that she has finally been found, wishing she had not been found yet and that she was still OK, glad that the waiting is over, wanting to still be waiting, loving each other, caring for each other, missing her, crying, not being able to cry, talking, not being able to talk... You who have suffered such a loss can probably add to this list until it fills this entire page and then some. May God bless all of you who have lost children and grandchildren. You have a void in your heart and in your life that cannot be filled by anyone but God. "P" families, you are in our thoughts and most importantly in our prayers.

Additional information is shared by a young man whom I believe is one of their ministers on his blog at

God Bless,

Friday, May 1, 2009

Boggle School

Well, here is the first poetic entry and this is exactly the way I feel about the world of blogging. It reminds me very much of the day I learned to ride my bicycle or roller skate. Fortunately, I can't remember back to the days when I learned to walk. I do however remember the first time I was on a downhill go-cart, slid off the one passenger seat that I was riding with my girlfriend, and went the rest of the way down the hill on my "behiney". I had a strawberry or sidewalk burn, whichever they call it in your neck of the woods, the size of a saucer. Now I've totally dated myself because this was when little girls still played in skirts. Hopefully you will remember some days of special learning and you will be in a position to help me make by blog look "purtiful".

Enjoy my meandering for today and God Bless.


Today I’ve jumped in with both feet
To this world that’s known as “BOGGLE”.
My experience is very limited
As through cyberspace I toddle.

If I can get to nursery school
Where I’ll learn about pretty pictures,
I’ll really be quite stupefied
Having crossed through some restrictions.

So we’ll start this journey together
That I’m calling “BOGGLE SCHOOL”,
If you have a way to help me
Please don’t hesitate to send the rules.

‘Cause I really want to graduate
Right now with a high school diploma.
But if one day I get a Doctorate
Would be like a sweet aroma.

Be patient with me in my baby steps
Crawling one day to the next,
Until I’m named “Dr. Boggle”
Having utilized all the text.