Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bad Day to Better Day

Well, here I am again. I told you yesterday that I would do my best to tell you how to turn a bad day into a better day in 10 minutes. Actually, it doesn't really take that long. All you have to do is quit thinking about yourself and think about somebody that needs you more than you need them and then do something about it. Maybe just a phone call or a note. I have spent today making special stationary and writing my daughter and her two children. They are having a rough time right now and I just want to do something special for them. It did me a lot of good although I'm really tired tonight.

I bet all of you already knew this because I can tell from all of the blogs and posts that I read that the majority of those who "blog" are people who believe in God and have a very strong faith. My hope is that you search his word to be sure that you are fulfilling his word and obeying his gospel. Don't trust what others, including myself, should tell you. Look into the Bible. Only there can you tell for sure that the life you are living will lead to your Heavenly home.

My poetic donation for the day is the one that I wrote earlier this month. It really covers what I'm trying to say about doing for others. Like it says, not only do you do something for somebody else and make yourself feel better, the good deed that you do is done for Jesus.

Hope you all have had Good Days and that God has blessed you as He has me today.

Love to all

Good Works
Matt. 25: 34-40

Our Bible says we should do Good Works
Letting our lights shine bright before men;
That others will see the good that we do
Glorifying our Father in Heaven.

So what are the good things we should do
To fulfill this command as is written?
Looking further in God’s word we find
Jesus listing some in His teachings.

Christ tells His disciples what to do
To inherit the Kingdom He made.
Those things they need to share with others
As they began their walk in God’s way.

If I am hungry please do feed me.
If thirsty, with me your drink share.
If I am a stranger, take me in.
Give me clothes if I’ve nothing to wear.

When you see that I have taken ill
Come and visit me in my home.
If I am in jail for a wrong done
Come to me, give me comfort when lone.

When Jesus was done the question came,
‘Lord, when to you did we do these things?’
His answer, ‘do these things to my brother
You do to me also great comfort bring.’

Sometimes we wonder as we travel
This life from one day to the next,
Are the deeds we do for those in need
Such that God will be seen at His best?

Every time you make a cake for dear friends
Who have lost a dear one to death,
Or you call a neighbor who has the flu
To the point she hardly takes a breath;

Then you clean your closet and dressers
Giving what you can’t wear to Goodwill;
And in a card to a man out of work
You enclose a twenty-dollar bill.

Even if you try to hide these things
That you do for those you see in need,
Others will hear of the good you do,
Give God the glory and then take heed

To those things that God in His word says
He wants them to do with their lives,
And you’ll lead them to Heaven above
Where they will no longer strive.

Joyce Smith, aka Mimmy
April 7, 2009 ©


  1. You can email me Hillary's info. I try not to put that kind of stuff for all to see in cyber world. Just my personal preference....love you!

    Sara Jo

  2. Sister you are something else. You always find a way to let your light shine for Him. Love you.


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