Sunday, May 31, 2009

Meet Miss Hali

No, this is not a picture of Hali. This is a picture of "her" rock in my "natural" area in front of our house. Right now about the only thing natural about it are the weeds. The azaleas were pretty in the spring but now they are just another bush to be trimmed. (That's a hint Zachary.) Before Hali came to live with us, I had made a stepping stone with the boys' names on it. After she came, I wanted something with her name on it in the "garden" so I painted this rock. Don't think it turned out too bad if I do say so myself.

This is Hali in 2005 when she got the Miss CBC award at Carolina Bible Camp for the first of seven weeks. She would rather be at camp than just about anywhere else in the world. A few months ago Hali went back to live with her Mom. This was a good choice for Hali although I had a hard time letting her go. She had been with us for a long time and we really miss her. She is coming back to go to camp in a couple of weeks and I can't wait to give her a huge hug. I may not let her go for a while. You'd better prepared for a boa constrictor hug (in case you didn't know, that's worse than a bear hug).

This is Hali with her "big" brothers. Zachary, in the blue, is actually her big brother by 18 months, if I can count right. Dakota, in black, is her "little" brother by 20 months, again, if I can count right. He's about to pass Zachary up in height so will that make him the "big" brother? She hasn't changed much since this picture but I have to post at least one shot to embarrass her. This was taken in 2003 when she was a cheerleader for the Boys and Girls Club football and basketball teams. Ain't she cute.

Hali just turned 16 a few weeks ago. Hopefully she won't mind but I'm sharing with you the poem I wrote to go in her 16th Birthday Card. It is a special poem and I literally worked on it for weeks. It will give you some insight into the things that she likes and how sweet she is. Hali, I'm very proud of the young lady you are becoming and pray daily that you will continue on God's path.
Enjoy Hali's poem and send me some of yours or let me know how to find them.
God bless,

Happy 16th Hali

On this your sixteenth birthday
You have wonderful things ahead.
You are planning out your future
And dreaming marvelous dreams in bed.
You dream of getting your license
To go shopping with your friends,
Trying clothes on all day long
With no purchases at day’s end.
You dream of all the high fashion
That hangs behind closet doors,
And all the many pair of shoes
Strewn upon your bedroom floor.
You dream of having your first date
With starry eyes and wistful bliss.
Will he be tall and handsome?
Will he give you your very first kiss?
You dream of the day you’ll graduate
And be heading off to college.
You’ll work so hard and one day teach
Little brains that are searching for knowledge.
You dream of the day you will marry
And become some lucky man’s wife.
Just wait a while for this dream
So as not to give us much strife.
You dream of the day you’ll have children
And your life will forever be changed.
Some days will be just glorious.
Some days will seem sort of strange.
You’re probably not dreaming much further
Than this point in your life ahead.
There is no way we can tell you
If dreams come true or just stay in bed.
You know that I can’t write a poem
Without writing of the greatest dream.
If you live your life as God planned
All your dreams will quite small seem.
For When God’s plans have come to fruition
And the dreams that He wants have come true,
You will walk through the gate of Heaven
To the home Christ has said you are due.
But to get to the end of this journey
The fulfillment of your dreams and God’s plan
It seems that every once in a while
You just might need a helping hand.
So remember that we’ll always love you
And will be here to help with your dreams.
We not only can give you a helping hand
But will pray for you on bended knee.

Mimmy, April 2009

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