Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shared Tears

Yesterday, friends of mine lost their 28 year old granddaughter in a tragic shooting. Her husband has admitted to shooting her accidentally but the facts are somewhat "squirrelly". Since I am not comfortable with releasing the families' names without their permission and since I don't feel this is an appropriate time to ask, and since you don't need to know names to raise them up to God in prayer, I will simply ask that you remember "Mrs. P's" families in your prayers. As I have never lost anyone at a young age I can't imagine the myriads of feelings that are coursing through these families' hearts. Sorrow, pain, anger, rage, uncertainty, wanting to know exactly what happened, not wanting to know exactly what happened, hurt, relief that she has finally been found, wishing she had not been found yet and that she was still OK, glad that the waiting is over, wanting to still be waiting, loving each other, caring for each other, missing her, crying, not being able to cry, talking, not being able to talk... You who have suffered such a loss can probably add to this list until it fills this entire page and then some. May God bless all of you who have lost children and grandchildren. You have a void in your heart and in your life that cannot be filled by anyone but God. "P" families, you are in our thoughts and most importantly in our prayers.

Additional information is shared by a young man whom I believe is one of their ministers on his blog at

God Bless,

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