Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mama and Freddy

If you read my Mothers' Day post, you know that I lost my Mama in 2000. We received the news that she had cancer in March, 2000 and she went to her home prepared for her by her Lord on the last day of June. About that time many of the Bible book stores had myriads of pins, stickers, pencils, erasers, (you name it they had it) with the anagram F.R.O.G. on it which we know stands for Fully Rely On God. One day while at work, I received a catalog in the mail with jewelry in it. There was the cutest little frog with a big green "emerald" on his back for his body. His legs and head were plated in "gold". I just had to have him. While I was waiting for his arrival, the thought of a poem to put with him ran through my had and the following is the final result except that I have made a few changes so that any of you who want to can feel free to use this with the frog of your choice, for a family member or friend of yours who may be facing trials for which they need to be reminded to F.R.O.G.

Have a splendiferous day and God bless,



They say my name is Freddy
And I am a little frog.
I like to hop and skip and jump
From log to log to log.

But there are folks who love you
And they wanted you to know,
So I’ve agreed to stay with you
And not wander to and fro.

I’ll just sit upon your shoulder
(Although that may seem odd),
So that I can remind you
To Fully Rely On God.

Joyce K. Smith
April, 2000

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