Thursday, May 28, 2009

Is It Spring?

On the way home from Bible study last night, Pat and I stopped at the grocery store for some "bread and milk", and ice cream, and frozen dinners, and whatever else was on sale that we "needed". As is our ordinary practice, unless Pat is going to be shopping very long, I sat in the car and waited on him. While waiting, the thoughts that I share with you in this post rambled through my mind. My thoughts quit rushing a long time ago. Thankfully, at least I think so, I remembered the notebook in the backseat and penned the poem that is the heart of this post.

It shares my thoughts on the passing of time and how we need to fill it. Our schedule for today took me out into the world do so something other than go to worship. It was not a very exciting trip. It was a doctor's appointment. We then stopped and picked up a prescription for our grandson, stopped at Staples to get an ink cartridge for the printer, went to Taco Bell for a cheap lunch, got the prescription filled and then went home.

There are many days that I sit in our room and wish I could get out but, the whole time we were out and about today all I wanted to do was come home. We are extremely hard to please. Not only are we never satisfied with activities that any given day holds, we can't wait for the next day to get here. As I get older, it completely baffles me how much more quickly times flies. It seems to me that it was only yesterday there was snow (wishful thinking) on the ground and our Christmas tree was up. (Don't tell anybody, but Dakota took the last of our Christmas decorations down Tuesday of this week, boxed them up and put them all out in the garage.) At the rate this year is passing, it will be time to start Christmas shopping again before we know it.

Take care, smell the roses and God bless,



Lilies blooming.
Grass growing.
Sun shining.
Breezes blowing.

Birds soaring.
Bees buzzing.
Rabbits hopping.
Fawns snuggling.

Boats sailing.
Bibbers popping.
Skate boards rolling.
Ice cream toppings.

Baseball’s flying.
Frisbees gliding.
Music playing.
Children hiding.

Kites on air ride.
Folks are strolling.
Kids on skates glide.
Storm winds blowing.

Spring is here now.
Soon we’ll wonder,
How’d we get snow,
We will ponder?

Time sure flies fast.
Count your blessings.
Make each day count.
No more messing.

Let’s get busy.
Smell some flowers.
Feel the warm sun.
Build sand towers.

Who knows what
The next day brings,
Thorns and thistles.
Birds that sing.

Know that what
Tomorrow holds
God will be there
What e’er unfolds.

May 28, 2009

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