Sunday, May 24, 2009

Heroe Hubby

If you read my post on May 21st, you know that I referred to my husband, Pat, as Hero Hubby and I meant it. However, it is hard for me to use any other name other than the one given to him by his mother to refer to him. Why, I'm not sure, but if you read his comment to that particular post, I am sure you can begin to understand.

Pat is the name that he used when he was first introduced to me, Pat is the name my father used when he took our marriage vows and pronounced us husband and wife, and except for a VERY private nickname that we share only with the family, Pat is the only name I have called him since then.

It is the name I call him when we are in the throws of passion, it is the name I call him when I do get angry at him, it is the name that always, "I love you", and due to the way God has created us, it is the name that some day, hopefully not for an extremely long time, will be carved into his tombstone.

It is the name that those who know him best have called him for his entire life. It is the name that his mother uses with love that only a mother can exude. Most of the time, except for when they call him "Rick", it is the name his siblings use, both when they are loving him, when they are teasing him, and when they are "fussing" at him.

It is the name that those in our church family call him. It is the name that lists him in our church bulletin as a Deacon and it is the name he uses when he goes to our Father in prayer.

Most importantly, it is the name he has loved and has never tarnished, without polishing it, throughout his entire life. There are few people that I respect and admire more and there is no one on this earth that I love more than I do PAT.

Thank you God for giving him to me and may I never do anything to hurt and tarnish the name that he so lovingly shares with me.

This poem is one that I wrote to Pat on our Anniversary in 2001. Hopefully it will convince you, if you aren't already, that I do love this Hero Hubby of mine even if I must call him Pat.

God Bless,
Mimmy aka Joyce

August 21, 2002

What do I give you on this special day,
Is the question I ask of myself.
Should I give you a necktie, a shirt or some socks
Or a book that will sit on the shelf.

So I thought I would run down the list of those gifts
That I’ve given to you in the past,
To see what you might need or just might yet want
And to see what most likely would last.

You have all my trust for you see there’s no other
To whom I can open my heart,
With whom I can share all my secrets so deep
Even those that do tear me apart.

You’re truly the one who has all my faith
For forever in you I’ll believe;
‘Cause you never have given me reason to doubt,
And you always my fears do relieve.

I gave you my love a long time ago
At the same time I gave you my heart,
So you truly are stuck with me ever and ever
For we never, oh never will part.

So I guess there’s just one thing to do on this day
And that’s start at the very beginning,
And give you my trust, my faith, and my love,
Not just now, but for time without ending.

I Love You,


  1. Hi Mimmy,
    Hope that you are feeling a bit better than you were the other day ;D.
    Just wanted to stop by to say that I will be popping over to your blog, and also see if I can help you re: your questions you left for me, but it may be in a little while, if you take a little look over at my blog, I have left a post and it will explain a little more. :D

  2. Its pretty obvious to me that you do love your hero hubby, I am in know doubt that your hubby also knows how much you love him.
    A lovely post ;D

  3. See I told you that I would be popping back to your blog, didn't I (LOL)

    I was having major issues with my blog (contents being deleted, links gone etc etc) but....I think I have managed to get things sorted, so ignore the first comment I left you above, as I have removed the post explaining this.
    I will be back over to you in within the next few days.
    Oh and by the way, I have added you as a link on my blog. ;D

  4. My Mimmy:

    Thank you.
    I love you.



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