Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers' Day

Since June, 2000, I have faced Mothers' Day with a bit of trepidation because my Mama is no longer with us. We are thankful that she not suffer for a very long time prior before giving up this life for one much more blessed. There have been lots of women come into my life during this time frame who have filled the role of mother in several different ways in our family. In Hebrews, we are given a list of the faithful and I think God wants us to name those who have done good deeds for us beyond the norm and of whom we, like Him, are proud, so here goes. (The only thing I hate about doing this is that you invariably leave someone out but hopefully those who have helped me are of a better cut than that and won't get their fingers hurt if my feeble mind fails to function to 100%).

First of all there is Mama Fran. She is my mother-in-law and I've heard all the stories you wish to share and Mama Fran just doesn't fit them. I knew I was in for a real treat when I got out of the car the first time I met her and she gave me a great bit hug. Considering she's about 3 inches shorter than me and I'm not very tall and she only weighed about 1/2 as much as I did then giving me a big hug was a chore. Mama Fran is now 93 and she has just reached the point that she will accept help in the kitchen when we are visiting. She is quite an extremely independent individual and hopefully she will be able to remain that way for several years to come. Thank you Mama Fran for always being there for me.

Well, number 2 is my Daddy's lady friend. She is a beautiful Christian woman and she and my Dad would have been married a long time ago except for these crazy pensions and insurance plan that cut off both Mama Bea's money and her insurance if she and my Daddy get married. Being both true followers of Christ, they won't consider "living together" but they enjoy each others company as much as possible in a Godly fashion. My Daddy says they may not be able to have bed and breakfast but they can at least have breakfast. The joy that she has brought into my Daddy's life is worth everything I have and if I could support them and pay for her expensive medical treatments I would do so. That's how much I want them to be happy. Thank you Mama Bea for sharing the time you have with Daddy with me when I come to visit.

Number 3 is Diana Merrill. Diana is a member of the congregation where we worship. She has provided respite care for our 14 year old grandson, Dakota for several months and when my health reached the point that I could not give Dakota the care he needed, she took him in on a full time basis with no additional monetary remuneration. She has been wonderful with him. You see, I have a hard time letting my boys go. They need to stay home with Mimmy until they are at least 35. However, they seem to want to start spreading their wings at about 15, no it's 14, well maybe 13, I really think it's 12 or maybe even 11...Anyway, Diana knows how to let out just enough rope to keep Dakota happy but keep her informed as to who, what, where and when. He is maturing wonderfully under her tutelage. Thank you Diana for taking Dakota under your wing and teaching him how to fly, the right way to fly, where to fly, and when to come home.

Bonnie Crunk is another member of our congregation who has stepped up to the plate, so to speak, for this family. In September 2008, our oldest grandson Zachary had been home from an anger management camp for about 3 months and was just doing great. But, we all know what happens if you put vinegar and soda in a bottle and shake it up, eventually it will explode. Well, he exploded. Thankfully, nobody was hurt but he had been told when he came home that if he put his hands on anybody in anger the police would be called, and unlike the former times, they would not be leaving without him. He spent three days in jail and we were in a quandry as to what we were to do. Pat was to pick him up at the jail Sunday after morning worship and we were relying on the Sheriff's Department to direct us to a halfway house or something. Frank and Bonnie Crunk, one of our elders and his wife, came to us to ask if they could take Zachary for a while. They have dealt with other troubled teens and thought they could do him some good. Well, who were we to say no to a blessing straight from Heaven. He has been there since and I won't pretend to say that the road has been smooth but it has been better. Bonnie is older than I am and should be enjoying her own great-grandchild and here she is taking in my grandson. Thank you Bonnie for caring enough to share your family with Zachary and treat him as if he were one of yours.

There are more but it is very late and my left hand is developing a mind of its own. To those ladies of whom I have written may I say God Bless you and Happy Mothers' Day.

To those of you who are mothers, who will soon be mothers, and even those who just want to be mothers, God Bless you and Happy Mothers' Day.

Now a special prayer request for those who were expecting to be mothers this Mothers' Day and they lost their baby to some terrible disease, to SIDS or to some other problem that they were not expecting. My heart aches for you. I'm not sure which is worse on Mothers' Day, having lost your mother or having lost a child. May God bless you so that you will soon return to the point that you can again reach out into the world and consider adding to your family in more unconventional ways if necessary.

Some families are born to us.
Some famililes are formed by us.
All families with God in them grow.

My poem for this post is one that I wrote some time ago. It was written more as an expose' on just women teaching women, but I think it very much applies to mothers teaching mothers teaching daughters. Hope you enjoy it.

Mothers teaching Mothers teaching Daughters

It starts when they are just wee tots
Beginning to learn to talk.
There is so much they want to know
Before they learn to walk.

They start out asking why, why, why,
And then its how, when, who.
Sometimes they ask so often
That we don’t know what to do.

But as their Moms and Grandmas,
Their Aunts, teachers and friends
We have to answer all they ask
From start of day to end.

We teach them how to walk and talk
And how to read and write.
We teach them how to sew a seam
And how to choose clothes right.

We teach them how to cook and clean
And how to set the table;
And we make sure that for this life
They’re ready and they’re able.

But we must also not forget
That we are fitting them
Not just for life upon this earth
But for eternity with Him.

So as we teach them what it takes
To have a life that’s true,
Let’s not forget to teach them how
To be God’s child so new.

Help them each day to see his love
In all that is around
And teach them how to live each day
So Christ in them is found.

And teach them so that they will teach
Their own children one day
How to live a life for Him
And walk within His way.

Joyce Smith aka Mimmy

God Bless you all and a
wonderful Happy Mothers' Day.

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