Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bad Day Gone Worse

Today (actually yesterday now) has been a very down day. My pain has been at levels that I have not had to endure for a while. The way in which I handled it was not the best. First of all, I slept for 12 hours which I tend to do until the pain wakes me up. This happens primarily because I do not get my early morning pain medication. Pat thought I got up early and took it so he let me sleep. It was his birthday and he let me sleep in. What a guy.

The rest of the day was spent in my chair until now. I just feel that it is important for me to get all of this out of my system. Pat started asking me questions after he came in from Bible study and I bit his head off for nothing. This is happening too much and it only happens when I am really hurting. There has to be a way to make this stop. If anybody reads this and has a suggestion I am listening with open ears. He is too good a man to have to put up with this foolishness. (I wanted to say crap but I don’t let my grandchildren say it so I won’t either.)

I’ve been praying about this but maybe I’m not praying hard enough or maybe God has just told me, "Hey Mimmy, this is one you have to handle. I told you I wouldn’t give you temptation more than you could bear so here, bear it!!!" Anyway, unless any of you have a better suggestion, I’m going to keep praying and keep trying to do better and see what happens.

Pat, if you read this, I’m sorry. I’ve told him this to his face but he just says there’s nothing to be sorry for. You and I know better than that so maybe if I write it here, he’ll believe it.

Thanks to you all and God Bless,
Mimmy aka Joyce

My Angry Words

My body was in pain today
From my toes up to my head.
Most of the day I was at rest
Saying nothing, just taking meds.

The pain grew in intensity.
It just wouldn’t go away.
My meds were taken as I should.
I was tempted to send more my stomach’s way.

I tried putting ice packs on my neck.
Tried putting head upon my legs.
Tried doing puzzles to take my mind
Off the pain that had me in the dregs.

My boys came in and wanted to talk.
I really wasn’t in the mood.
So with as little talking as I could get by
I gently scooted them out of the room.

My hubby came in and fixed me brunch.
Later on he brought me by dinner.
He worked on papers for things at church.
Seems to me like I have quite a winner.

So why when he came in from Bible class
And I gave him a telephone message,
Did I jump on his case and give him what for,
Just because he asked me some questions?

Why is it we hurt the ones we love,
More than anyone one else on earth?
Why can’t we treat them like others in life?
Treating them with the care they are worth.

Sometimes I think it’s because I feel
Secure in his love for me.
I don’t fear he’ll hate me or leave me behind,
Even if I’m a totally ornery cuss.

What’s even worse is that I treat God this way
Even after the gift of His Son.
No greater gift has any many given
So why do I treat him so bum?

And as if things couldn’t get any worse
When I treat Hubby the way that I do,
The Bible tells me that I’m doing the same
To Christ, what a wrong I did do.

We have to remember our families at home
Are also our family at church.
We can’t take out our frustrations on them
And leave then hanging in a truly ugly lurch.

Treat all men with kindness every day
Whether family or foe or friend.
That is the order we have from above
Love them all as God loves to the end.

Mimmy aka Joyce Smith
May 21, 2009


  1. Hi Mimmy,
    Thank you for your visits to my blog, and for your comments.
    It certainly sounds like you where in an awful lot of pain, and I am sure that your husband does not take it personally, when you have a moan and groan at him.
    We all tend to take things out on out nearest and dearest, if you asked my husband if I do, I am sure he would tell you YES (LOL).

    Take care
    Stacey :D

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  3. I am totally your follower now!!! You and I are also in the same profession too!!!


  4. Dear Mimmy, aka, My beautiful and loving wife:

    Thank you for your thoughts and words which come deep down from within your loving, God-driven and aching heart. You always give and care without ceasing - and I mean ALWAYS - thru the pain that rattles, continuously, your body.
    Your actions, love, and words are some of the myriad reasons that I love and cherish you. As I (and we) have said God had a plan for us two. That is why He brought us together. We love and we care.
    You do not have to say "I am sorry". I see it in your face. I see it in your eyes. I know we as humans need (have) to say it to cleanse our minds and to show God we love Him and are trying to follow His will.
    I do believe it. ALWAYS.

    Your loving HH.


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