Saturday, May 23, 2009

Freedom's Call

This weekend is a special one. We will hear a lot about it on the television and radio. There will be races run, ballgames played, picnics held, swimming pools will open, amusements parks will start they annual seasons, America will generally come to life with activity.

In the midst of all of this activity, I hope we are remembering given those lives, both literally and in living service, to protect the right that we have to enjoy all of these entertainment outlets. Do we stop and think about the young men and women who are away from home fighting for our freedom at this very moment? Do we stop to think about all of those who have died in battles and wars, won and lost, to protect this country and its inalienable rights? Do we even stop to think about the rights we do have or do we just gripe about what we see as rights lost? Do we complain about government having gotten too big or are we thankful that we are still able to attend worship on Sunday at the building of our choice and not worry about armies coming in and shooting down the entire congregation? Are we thankful that our children can still receive a free education, in some states all the way through college? Do we take into account, whether we want to own a gun or not, that our government still gives us that right? Our government is not afraid of its citizens as a whole. If someone uses a gun in an illegal manner, are we thankful that we have free protection from these individuals or do we only criticize those who spend every day protection us and our children from those who do not know the proper use of a gun? (For the record, I don't like guns and I don't want one in my house. However, I'll defend your right to have one to anyone on any platform.)

This matter of freedom could be written about enough to compile an entire book. In fact, there are lots of books that talk about this country, its freedoms, its rights, and those who have fought, died and live to protect those freedoms and rights.

This weekend and its celebration, should be held dear to our hearts and should be a holiday spent in some way thanking our military forces, past and present, for continually being ready or currently in the field, fighting for you and me. When I see our flag flying, an eagle soaring or a young man or woman in military uniform, I become filled with pride. When I see our current government officials from city councilmen and women to the President of the United States I am proud of them and the fact that they want to serve this country in what they believe to be a positive way. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to vote for these officials and that I have the right to dispute their opinions and their decisions knowing that I will not be in any way harmed because I oppose them. I am also thankful for the fact that even if you do not vote, you can still dispute their decisions, write demeaning articles, even call them names and burn your flag, and this government will not take any action against you.

Although the economy of this country is experiencing a low rivaled only by the Great Depression, I still believe in the free enterprise that has been the base of this economy since the Revolutionary War. There are most certainly different levels of wealth lived by our citizens. Some of us are billionaires, some of us are millionaires, some are wealthy, some are middle class, some are considered poor but do not go hungry and have a place to live, and there are those who do not have any food to eat or anywhere to get in out of the impending weather. To some extent, we can control where on this economic ladder we are. Employment is getting harder to come by. Some of us have been looking for jobs for months and even years. Some of us may lose our houses but we do not need to lose our homes. Some of us may not be able to continue to live at our current standard but we do not need to be hungry. For the most part, this country does provide for its own and for those who cannot find assistance from our government, those of us who have are generally willing to give to those who are in need.

There are many things about this country, at this time in its history, that I do not particularly like. Even with its faults, as I see them, I cannot think of another place in the world that I would rather live. May God continue to give this country the blessings it needs, the resources it requires and the people it seeks to continue to hold its status as the greatest country in the world.

Thank you Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and their Reserve Forces for all you have done throughout history to maintain our freedom. May we as your citizens continue to respect this freedom and do all that we can to sustain these freedoms for all of your citizens.

The poem I'm sharing today is one that I wrote in 2001. It speaks of not only the freedom we have in this country but the freedom from sin that those who obey Christ and His commandments has and the responsibility that we have to share that freedom with others. Let us ever be thankful for the country in which we live and for the God that we serve.

God Bless America,
Mimmy aka Joyce Smith


The United States of America,
The land of the free and the brave.
The land that says "In God We Trust"
Where the stars and stripes does wave.

Sometimes I’m made to wonder
If we’re really free or brave.
Do we truly trust in God
From sin and evil to save?

Are we free from the bonds of sin,
The chains of fretful care?
Do we have the courage to stand
To with friends our Lord to share?

Can we say with great assurance
That we’ll live in Heaven someday?
Do we trust God just enough
To be miserable on life’s way.

As we stand up tall and proud
Singing how truly glad we are
To live and work and play and pray
In this land, the best by far;

Let’s also stand up tall and proud
Singing with faith and praise,
How blessed we are to have a God
Who guides us in our ways,

Who has promised all of us
That He will set us free,
If we walk within His light
And serve in His army.

So let us share His precious love
With all who would be saved
So that this land can truly be
The home of the free and the brave.

Joyce K. Smith
October 24, 2001

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