Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Trey

I would like you to meet one of my other grandsons, Trey. I have chosen today to introduce him to you because today is his fifteenth birthday (bet you thought I'd forget). This is very hard for me to believe because I remember when he was born. He was a little, tiny, (excuse me Jeni) scrawny thing but his eyes were blue enough to fall into, and they still are. His hair was almost white although it has turned to a deeper shade of blond. It still bleaches out in summer and I'm quite sure the girls love to get their hands in it (Watch out Mom).

He loved to cuddle, I don't hardly ever remember him crying except for when he wanted his Mommy and then he let the whole world know. He's always been a "Mama's Boy" and Trey, that's quite alright. Never quit loving your Mom with the special love that you show her. It fills my heart with joy. Of course, you have got to share some of that love for Mimmy and never outgrow "kissies". From the time he could walk, he would stop in mid stream, run up to me, hug my leg and say "kissie time Mimmy" and give me a great big smooch. (Sorry Trey, I just had to embarrass you a little bit.)

Trey, we hope you have had a wonderful day and that you know how very much Papat and I love you. We are very proud of the young man you are becoming. Please keep traveling the wonderful path on which you have started. Remember who your Father is and always choose what's good and pure.

Today I'm sharing with you the poem that I wrote for this special occasion. Hopefully it will give you some insight into how much we love this young man.

God Bless,

Happy Birthday Trey

On this the day you turn fifteen
You’ve grown so very tall
That we can hardly face the fact;
Seems only yesterday you were small.

You’ve grown into a special “man”
Though not quite one in years,
Remember as you grow in height
To listen with open ears,

To the scriptures as they tell you
The best way to walk in life,
If you follow in Christ’s footsteps
You’ll have a much happier life.

As you celebrate this birthday
In what ever manner you choose,
Remember that we love you
And our love you’ll never lose.

Mimmy 5/26/09

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  1. You described my son to a T! He still is and i hope will always be a mama's boy! Thanks for the poem mom it was beautiful!


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