Friday, May 15, 2009

Run Boy Run

Yesterday was a busy day. Posting was kind of out of the question but I missed it. Doing this every day will be impossible for me, but I wish I could. The main event of my day yesterday was going to see my grandson, Dakota, compete in a track meet. We didn't get to see him participate in his favorite event, the high jump, because the officials, in all their wisdom, started the meet early. They really need to take into consideration that parents and grandparents want to see their children and grandchildren compete in all of the events and not just the last ones. As it turned out, Dakota was glad we didn't get to see him jump. He was not up to his usual form which is right around 5 feet. He has cleared it several times this year but hasn't been able to practice much lately because his school did not have jumping bars. The only one they had for practice got broken the second week of the season and it didn't get replaced until the week before last.

Handsome, ain't he. (Don't tell him I said so.)

His second event was the 400 meter which is one lap around the quarter mile track. He gave it his all but since this really isn't his event he came in last in his heat. After giving this a lot of consideration and after tying his results into some conversations we've had, a lot of the reason he did not do well yesterday was mental. Dakota is a kid (14 years old) who finishes what he has committed to. Several of the kids decided to quit track when it began to interfere with the end of the year festivities. Many of them were the teams better athletes and it really hurt the team's meet results the latter half of the season. Dakota got very disallusioned with this particular situation. He worked hard, ran hard, jumped high, but at this last meet when there were only about half of the original team there, it was hard for him to give 100%. I really don't blame him.

Can you tell it's the last morning of church camp.

Dakota will go on to high school next year. Hopefully he will be able to wrestle, run track, and he is considering the tennis team. We are looking forward to watching him participate in whatever sports he chooses next year. Whatever they are, the school will benefit greatly from having Dakota, both as a student and as an athlete. Dakota, we will be sitting in the stands yelling "Run Baby Run" no matter what you are doing (We'll sound pretty silly yelling run, baby, run when you are jumping the high jump but at least you'll know who it is.). We will however hold our tongues when you are getting academic awards (yeh, maybe we will).

Love you to Heaven and back,



Dakota is a special young man
Full of love and
Affection bar none.
He’ll give you a hug and a
Kiss if you ask
Off the cuff when day’s done.
He loves to run
Track and to jump very high,
Runescape his "
Arcade" game of choice.
Outside with his friends,
C.amp at least for two weeks,
Selections if given a voice.
Give him a keyboard and
Music he’ll play.
His poodle, Reese,
Is his favorite pet.
The thing I love mos
T in this wonderful lad
Is that on
Heaven his future is set!

Mimmy aka Joyce Smith
May 16, 2009

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