Sunday, September 6, 2009


Recently, it seems that all I get to post is an apology for not posting. Based on your kind comments, I'm beginning to realize that I don't need to apologize. My kind blogging friends understand. The pain in my back and leg is getting worse and the doc says that there is not much more they can do right now. Maybe we can put a rush on my laptop. Things will be much easier then. Even with my new electric wheelchair it is hard for me to sit with my legs hanging down for even just a little while. This post will be short, and to those of you that usually get comments from me, please rest assured that I'll get back to reading as soon as possible. You are all a great blessing to me.

Prayer is very important to me. It would be super if I could tell you I spend hours in prayer, but many of my prayers are one liners said at the time of need. If I get a call or see something in the church bulletin that requires prayer I address it right them. Otherwise, I'll forget. That sounds terrible, but I'm on a great amount of medication that affects my memory. There are times when I'm trying to pray that I will completely lose my train of thought. The same things happens when I am writing. Often, I'll compose my blog while in my big comfy chair so that it will be written when I come out to "type".

Right now I'm working on a very, very short autobiography. It will consist of either two or three posts. It all depends on how specific I get with details. Hopefully, I'll be able to start sharing it with you in a few days.

Thank you for your kind comments and for caring.

God Bless,

Quiet! Be Still.

I woke up this morning
With the sun shining bright,
No cares in my heart
To share or recite.

To my own special chair
I started to go,
To speak with my Master
Whom I love ever so.

Then the telephone rang
‘Twas a good friend of mine
With a problem that needed
Much more of my time.

On the way back home
The announcers blared,
Of the war and of those
For whom we love and care;

Of robbery & murder.
Of rape and much more
That covered the sun
With gray clouds galore.

In my heart the winds
Were blustering cold,
The storm grew deeper
More scary and bold.

The thought came to me,
"Where is the bright sun
That was there so blazing
As this day had begun?"

At home I did cuddle
In my own special chair
Where I’d started this day
In calm, breezy air.

There I call to my Lord,
He said, "Peace be still",
In the quiet of darkness
My heart softly filled.

With the twinkle of starlight,
The glow of the moon,
The knowledge that only
God has the right tune.

Mimmy aka Joyce Smith
September 24, 2007


  1. Mimmy,

    You know the greatest thing I have discovered as part of the blogging family is people are patient because we understand we all have lives. Some are super busy and others have a lot of time. Either way, when and how often and what you post is not of any concern but that you know we all love you, and want the best for you. When the timing is right and you feel better, you will slowly come back around. Take this time for healing yourself and enjoying hanging out with God! We will all be here when you get back!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. Dear Mims....Just so that I can know that you are OK and are resting and getting the healing that you need, then I will come back again and again to see if you have posted. Your poem today is lovely, showing how your day progressed but that you felt love throughout! Always a pleasure to see a new post, but please don't overdo and just pop in when you can....
    Huggles and Rainbows...


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