Saturday, September 12, 2009

Congratulations Josh & Glenna

Today, our son Josh and his beautiful fiance', Glenna, were married at their home in Ohio. Josh and Glenna presented us with a very handsome grandson, Memphis, in January of this year. I would have given anything I have, except Pat, my grandchildren, my other children, my church get the have been able to be there.

Aren't they an absolutely gorgeous couple, and...

Isn't he one of the most beautiful babies you have ever seen.

Congratulation, Josh and Glenna, and we wish for you a life full of love, happiness, joy, peace and all of the other wonderful blessings you will be given.

God Bless,
I Love you,
Mom, aka Mimmy

(Memphis too)

Marriage joins a man and his bride
Through love and a blessing from God.
Attraction may be the first they felt
But it grows as life’s path they trod.
Resting in all the love they share,
The faith, joy and thankfulness too,
Rounded out in the trials of life,
What they learn as they conquer these blues.
Inside of their hearts the love of God
That keeps them safe and secure,
Along with a love of their families
Who led them to this place in life’s tour.
Growing each day in this security
Leads them to a goal ever blessed.
Every day there’s a home full of love
More splendid than they ever had guessed.
Joyce Smith, September 12, 2009

Love to you both,
Mom & Pat


  1. Beautiful children and adorable little man! I am praying for GOD's healing touch on your body and praising GOD with you for a beautiful and wonderful family.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. Mimmy,

    Praying for blessings not only covering their beautiful marriage covenant before God but over their blessed family as well. May God continue to guide them in the new journey together and bless their lives for the faithfulness in loving Him.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat


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