Monday, September 21, 2009

My Daddy Ralph

This is a picture of me and my Daddy Ralph when I was four years old. The curls are all natural and even though this picture is black and white you can see that some of my physical characteristics came from Mama's side of the family. My hair was jet black and my eyes just as black. Unfortunately, for some reason, my hair lightened and my eyes changed to hazel. The curls have also relaxed. When I was a teen I used to iron them out. Now I wish I had them back.

My Daddy Ralph

Many of my memories
Of the man who wore this name
Were shared with me by others
When ‘round the table we all came.

Daddy Ralph was Mama’s Daddy
He stood tall and was quite lean.
To me he was quite handsome
With hair and eyes of ebony.

When he would come to visit
He would spoil me from the start.
A baby doll as big as me
Was the first gift from his heart.

In fact it was so near my size
That with it he played a trick.
Wrapped up in my baby quilt
Tossed to my Daddy, he turned quite sick.

He didn’t come real often.
When he did the time was grand.
He would take me on a car drive
Or a walk when I’d hold his hand.

My very favorite place to be
When he’d come just us to see
Was sitting up on lofty high
Taking rides upon his knee.

If I was not sitting on his lap
It was sure I’d be quite near.
He never got out of my sight
Unless he left when I couldn’t hear.

Happy were the times we shared
But too soon he was all gone.
I’d just turned eleven
When he suddenly went home.

We didn’t get to say goodbye.
We didn’t know his heart was failing.
Where I picture him today
Is with me behind him trailing.

I love you Daddy Ralph.
September 21, 2009
Mimmy aka Joyce Smith


  1. Mimmy,

    You have such a talent for poems. I wonder if you could write one for me and what inspires you about my blog. You are so amazing. I love coming here as often as you post!

    I was just the opposite, light hair, thin and straight as a rail then later in life, it darkened and now has a bit of a curl. Go figure!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. Joyce, What a beautiful picture. You were and still are a beautiful lady. What a blessing to read about your wonderful Daddy. I LOVE your poems. Many Blessings my friend.

  3. What a beautiful poem and tribute to a beautiful person. Thank you for sharing your Daddy with us.

    You have a gift for writing.....and making people smile. :)

  4. Lovely poem, Mimmy, nice tribute. My dad passed away in August last year, this coming Thursday 24th would have been his 83rd birthday.. I wrote a couple of poems for his eulogy , one I will share on Thursday..

  5. That is a sweet poem about your grandpa "Daddy Ralph".
    You sent me an email asking for your Five Words but it was a "no reply" email, so I hope you don't mind but I am giving them to you here.
    Have fun with this, and I look forward to your post.

  6. Beautiful and priceless treasure that photo is!


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