Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Can You Guess

This past Sunday I was unable to attend worship. There is a program aired by the Gastonia Church of Christ on Sunday mornings which is a true blessing to me. The Bible based preaching is clear and right to the point.

The lesson presented this past Sunday was entitled "The Least". In one portion of that lesson, the speaker presented a thought that pricked my heart. Of course, my mind started whirling in rhyme and the following poem grew out of those thoughts.

This particular sermon, and many others, are presented on the internet, either for viewing or for listening. It would be my suggestion that you go and take a peek at their
congregational website. You will not be disappointed.

Wishing for you a super week and

God Bless,


There is this little item
That I use all of the time.
I don’t leave home without it,
It’s an integral part of life.

If you have just a minute
I’ll give you lots of hints.
It’s really quite amazing
But it can’t help put up tents.

Messages that were left there
By ones I love and need
Are checked for very often,
There might be one to heed.

Every day this little thing
Is always by my side.
I’ll share with you its contents.
There’s nothing there to hide.

This will help me send a message
In oral or written form.
It can tell me where I need to go,
What I hear may leave me torn.

There’s a list of lots of people,
Where they’ve lived and what they’ve said.
I place it on my table
When I’m ready to go to bed.

My pride to have this item
Is quite evident you know.
I’ve bought a special cover
So I’ll know which one I own.

Telling people all about it
Is really lots of fun.
They want to see some action,
Not just hear my old mouth run.

There are lots of numbers listed,
Some of them I know by heart.
The ones that are not in my head
I can look up on a chart.

Have you guessed the thing I carry?
What do I use each day?
It’s really not my cell phone!
It’s my Bible telling God’s way.

God’s left me many messages
To help me through my life.
If I use it like my cell phone
My days will have less strife.

Before I end this message
There’s a little mistake I made.
My Bible did once build a tent,
The Tabernacle from plans God made.

Mimmy aka
Joyce K. Smith
July 19, 2009


  1. A very strong and well-written poem, Mimmy. It reflects your strong faith and the tool on which you use reference. Thank you for sharing your "Can you Guess?" thoughts with us readers...
    In the Light..

  2. Mimmy, Not sure if I ever Thanked you for joining my blog, If not Thank You so much. How are you feeling? Prayers and Thoughts are with you. Blessings,


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