Sunday, July 12, 2009


Tonight I'm posting about a friend. It just happens to be a blog friend who lives clear across the country from me. Isn't cyberspace wonderful.

We share a common interest of poetry and I absolutely love her work. She can paint such vivid pictures with her words that you can actually see the event she is immortalizing. Take a look, read her words and see if you don't become as enamored as I have.

Thank you
Margaret. Sharing your most inner feelings with such soul seeking truth makes you a poet with heart.


What can I say when a friend is in pain?
What can I do? There’s no sunshine just rain.

What can I say when I know her heart’s achin’?
What can I do? This ache has part of her taken.

What can I say when her daughter won’t speak?
What can I do? She yearns to hear just a peep.

What can I say when she’s tried to amend?
What can I do? She has been homeward sent.

What can I say when she comes home in tears?
What can I do? She is so full of fears.

What can I say when she needs a companion?
What can I do? She is lonesome, needs compassion.

What can I say and what can I do
To return her cheeks to their once rosy hue?

What can I do and what can I say?
My thoughts have been churning all night and all day.

You’re probably thinking I’ve so much to impart.
An answer I must have to her broken heart!

A king’s ransom I’d give if that only were true.
At this time I do not know at all what to do.

There are two things that I can think of to say.
Only two out of all of this thought out word play.

One is to tell her that I truly care,
That I wish for her happiness beyond compare.

The second is what is most wondrous by far.
It is that God cares and knows all her scars.

He has answers for her that I do not have.
Her heart can be healed with His precious salve.

To God I’ll surrender myself to the end
And entrust to Him my dear poetic friend.

Joyce K. Smith aka Mimmy
July 12, 2009


  1. I, being gifted with such a lovely and sincere poem, was really humbled. Your work went straight to my heart. THANK YOU, Mimmy, I truly appreciate all that you have said and written about my work and myself. I appreciate your caring about my plight with my daughter, but have stayed as strong as I can about all the melee. The poem did not stick on the post, but came through on the email from the Blogger site. So, I took it and put it into a very safe place....THANK YOU so much, again, my friend!


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