Sunday, July 19, 2009

Teen Guest Poet

Today's post will be extremely short, particularly compared to yesterday's.

The poem that I'll be sharing today is from a 14 year old, young lady, who attends Bible study and worship with us. She is a very sweet young lady, extremely cute and is very, very talented.

She has written a short story that she has also shared with me. My heart is very humbled that she considers me proficient enough to critique her work. In my book it is A-number one.

My advice to her has been to write, write, write. So far, she is doing just that and Jessica, please keep it up.

Another good job, Jessica. Give me another one to share and any other young readers who would like to be a guest poet, please feel free to put a note in my comments or e-mail it to me. God bless all our upcoming young writers. They are the future of poetry.

Have a super week and God bless,


Manes flowing
Nostrils blowing
Hooves beating
Bodies fleeting.
Ears perked
Bits jerked
Spurs jingle
Muscles tingle.
Necks arching
Throats parching
Horses galloping
A rider's Halloween.
Dust flying
Riders crying
Stunning horses
Running riders.

July 19, 2009

1 comment:

  1. Wow, Jessica~! You surely are on a poet path of writing! Good for you for giving Mimmy the poem to post. It is strong and you leave the reader with a vision, and that is highly important...Brings to mind "The Headless Horseman"....Cool!
    Mimmy, how gracious of you to post her poetry for her. You are a kind heart...Will look for more when you obtain any...
    Have a cool week and hope the temps finally cool down!
    PS....Jessica, come visit Images in Thought


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