Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Love In His Eyes"

On Wednesday evening while our congregation was in the midst of our mid-week Bible Study one of our dear members, Mr. Loyde Deason, went to be with our Lord for eternity. Loyde was a very special man. As I told his wife and children (grown) in a card that I sent to them today, he could just look across the room at you in such a way so as to let you know he was glad you were there. His eyes were the most soft, loving, caring eyes that I had seen in a long while, except for those of my "Heroe Hubby", of course, and I guess I'd have to put my Daddy in that category too. (I've got to introduce you to him soon. You will love him, probably not as much as I do but you will love him.)

Loyde leaves behind a wonderful Christian wife, a daughter and a son, both of whom are Christians, and some grandchildren. I'm not sure how many, but I know that at least some of them are Christians also. His wife is a jewel and was the reason that Loyde was a member of Christ's Kingdom. She practiced winning her husband to Christ through example and was a very worth example of exactly how to do it.

After Loyde obeyed the gospel and became a member of the church, he had the same kind of influence on his son who had not as yet obeyed the gospel. He did so only a couple of weeks ago. Loyde was not well enough to be in the service at which his son was baptized but he was sure proud of the fact and glowed the next time I saw him. Loyde was only able to return to services once after he became ill in the spring. When he walked in the building, every head in the place turned in amazement, except for mine, and I was too busy getting out of my wheelchair and going up the aisle to sit beside him for a few minutes. I needed me some Loyde huggin'.

The following will explain a little of what my family feels about Loyde and the entire Deason family. They all love the Lord, his Church and it's members. We need many more families like this to make our congregation strong and sure.

God Bless you all,


A quiet man
with not much to say.
There was always love
in his eyes.

A man who loved God
and lived God's ways.
There was always love
in his eyes.

A man who cared
for his family each day.
There was always love
in his eyes.

A man who would let
you know that he cared.
There was always love
in his eyes.

A man who through pain
did not lose his faith.
There was always love
in his eyes.

A man for whom many
knelt and prayed.
There was always love
in his eyes.

A man who has now
received his "just pay".
There was always love
in his eyes.

Wishing we had grown closer
on life's way
There was always love
in his eyes.

This man will be missed for
many long days.
There will always be love
in his heart.

Mimmy, July 9, 2009

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  1. Mimmy, such beautifully composed post for this gentleman whom I feel will be so very missed. I am sorry for the loss. He sounds like he was a delightful man to call friend.
    Your poetry will no doubt be cherished by his loved ones and how gracious of you to do that for them. As always, your poetry is part of your genuine heart....


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