Monday, July 20, 2009

"Not My Child Monday"

Welcome to Not My Child! Monday! Today MckMama decided to do something a little different so, rather than post about yourself and all of the kookie things you do, she wants you to post about your children. For more details, you can head over to her blog to read what her children and everyone else's children have not been doing this week. You will surely be able to spend several hours of good, humorous, and maybe some heart wrenching reading.

Since my children are all adults, I've had to delve into my memory to come up with some wonderful "Not My Children" goodies.

As for my children, I will start with the oldest. Monica most certainly did not constantly walk by me when she was about four years old and say, “You’re gonna die”, without looking at me at all. She was referring to my very bad habit of smoking which I quit 18 years ago this coming September. Thanks for caring Monica. It did stick with me. Now, please take your own advice.

Monica also did not, during labor with her second child, shout profanities with each contraction. Her husband met me in the hallway begging me to “Do something, Mom, anything!” I walked into the room, told her to lay down and shut up, and she did just that. Never heard another “dirty word” out of her mouth. Sweet little Hali, who is now 16 years old, missed out on the whole thing. Or did she.

Jenifer, who is our second child and second daughter, most certainly did not walk from our house to the neighbor’s house totally naked. Thank goodness she was only 2 years old. However, I think she still hates clothes to this day. As far as I know there haven’t been any other incidents of streaking. Jerry, do you know of any?

She also did not decide in second grade, that she was no longer going to school. The temper tantrums she would not throw would have made the Guinness World Record Book. On one occasion, she did not grab hold of a double bed and with me pulling on her and her holding on to the bed we did not drag it clear across the room. She finally let go when we got to the door. At least she knew it wouldn’t fit through. On another morning, she did not “fake” an asthma attack hollering at the top of her lungs, saying “Mommy, I can’t breathe, I can’t breath”. My reply was not a cold, “Good, then you’ll pass out and I can get your to school easier.” This whole thing would have been much funnier if, when I got home from taking her to school and called to check on her the secretary would not have told me that she had quit crying before I got to the front door. Oh Jeni, those were the days.

Hey, Josh, it’s your turn. Josh is child number 3 and our only son. His favorite snack, when Mommy was not looking, could not have been dog kibble or biscuits. He did not repeatedly go to the laundry room and raid the dog foot bag. He also did not share lolli-pops and popsicles with his dog.

Josh also did not one day did not decide that he wanted to run away, did not pack his little suitcase complete with his blankie, a box of cereal and his favorite pajamas. He then did not proceed to walk to the end of our yard, sit down just below the knoll of a hill on his blankie. He did not sit there for about two hours, eating cereal and playing with his ET doll that had been tucked under his arm. This was one time I made a good parenting decision and just let him sit there until he did not decide to come home. All I did was go to the front window and check on him every little bit. You see, I could not see the top of his head. Josh, I think the whole idea of running away is to go further than the front yard.
To all of my children, the memories you have given me are priceless. They will prayerfully remain with me to the end of my days. The love that I have for your is boundless, unconditional, and as I say in my prayers, God be with you and keep you always. Love and kisses to you and your families. (Especially my grand-babies.)

The poem I’m not sharing with this post is one that I wrote in 2006 that tells how I feel about babies in general and their making a family complete. One of these days, I’ll introduce you to each of my children complete with bios and pics.

God Bless,

Families Complete

You’ve waited such a long, long time
To hold me in your arms,
To count my fingers and my toes,
And be wooed by my charms.

The day has finally arrived
When we will be together,
Not just for a little while
But from now until forever.

For God has chosen you for me,
And me to be with you.
He knew we each had special needs
And He knew just what to do,

To fill them all and make us whole,
A family that’s complete,
Full of happiness and joy
And all that makes life sweet.

Mimmy aka Joyce Smith
February, 2006

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  1. I so loved the memories of your children, Mimmy! It is always rewarding to look back at those wonderful times..And, the way that you wrote those memories lets the reader "see" the scenario...Mimmy, you are a great writer, and it is always a pleasure to read from your thoughts...
    Your poem is warm, loving, and indeed shows the completion of a family with children...
    Keep your keyboard dusted off, Mimmy, cause you have a world of writing ahead of you..


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