Monday, October 5, 2009

Climbing Hills

Not surprisingly, in reading the blogs that I follow today, I found that many of those in the blogging world are facing terrible hills that they have to climb. Some of them have ready answers. Some of them have answers that must be searched for. Some of them don't have answers at all but must simply be climbed until they reach the top and can descend the other side to the peaceful and serene valley below.

While climbing these hills it would be most helpful if we had a map or if someone had been there before us and could give us directions. In West Virginia there are some hills that to me would qualify as mountains. We have driven through these hills many times and when I look from the valley up to the top I'm very thankful that someone has seen fit to lay a road that takes me up the side of the hill gradually and that I don't have to climb from the base directly to the top with no guidance. Thankfully, God has left us the directions that will get us through this life to our eternal home.

No, we can't just pick up the Bible and find answers to all of this life's problems. If my car breaks down I won't find instructions on how to fix it in God's Word, but I can find the principals that teach me I need to work to provide for my every day needs. With this principal I can either pay someone else to fix it or buy the parts to fix it myself. No, if I am ill I can't find the medical treatment I need to heal myself, but God has given us doctors who can help us and I can read of how Paul had an affliction and that he was told by God that God's grace was sufficient to help him handle it (II Corinthians 12:9). No, if someone invades my home and steals from me, I can't search God's Word and find a law enforcement agency to search, find and punish them, but I can read that God tells me to love my enemies (Matthew 5:44). No, if I lose a loved one I can't find a manual on how to handle grief, but I can read where Jesus lost a loved one and He wept. (John 11:35) Also, I can know that if my loved one was faithful to Christ that he is now resting in Heaven and, even if he was not faithful, I can know that his soul's destiny rests in God's hands, not mine.

Throughout my life I have yet to face a hill that God has not helped me to climb and that I have not been stronger when I reached the top and descended to the valley on the other side. With that knowledge, facing tomorrow and whatever hills may come my way is much easier. If we can look at the hills in life from this perspective, we will not only face them but be joyful in them (I Corinthians 7:4).

As you climb whatever hills life may put in your way, look to the road map left by God. They will be much easier to climb.

God's Road Map

Today I set out on a journey.
It seemed quite easy at first.
The road was pleasantly peaceful
With inns where I might quench my thirst.

As the day progressed in my travels
The way became much more steep.
The road was no longer level
The climb so high I did weep.

My path became full or pot holes,
And nails that flattened my tires.
The bridge was out just up ahead,
In the mud I'd surely be mired.

How would I finish this journey?
Would I ever reach my new home?
It appeared to me that I would not,
That I forever would roam.

Then like an oaf I remembered
A map that I carried with me.
Opening it I soon found the way
To my home that I wanted to see.

My day was totally wasted
Since I'd failed this guidance to read,
Before I started my journey
Attempting others to lead.

Now that I've read the directions
Learning the path I should trod,
I will be home rather shortly
Walking on my very own sod.

This advice I give to travelers
Who set out on a trip through this life.
Read the map map before leaving
It will certainly save you much strife.

Wishing you a wonderfully blessed journey,
God Bless,
Mimmy aka Joyce Smith, October 5, 2009


  1. Mimmy,

    Well said. Too often we think that there are some problems that are certainly too small for God to handle and why bother Him anyway. Yet it is though often small things that add up and if we simply go to God on a daily basis our life can only improve as we seek Him and His word daily.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. AMEN...GOD has always been there for me....every step of the way.

    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  3. Well written. I am glad you are a religious person. God helps us and guides our steps everyday.


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