Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." Matthew 5:16

A Little Light Story

Once was a man traveling all alone
On a road he'd not traveled before,
He had no place to stay for the night
And no place to help keep him warm.

He came on a cabin deep in the woods.
He entered a room dark and black.
He took from his pocket a box of matches,
Lit a candle that was deep in his pack.

The room was brighter than had been before.
But he needed a strong candle stand,
So the wax that would run from the candle top
Would not put sore burns on his hands.

Then he found in the bottom of an old curio
A lantern with three mirrored sides.
When he put the candle inside of the door
The light almost blinded his eyes.

He set about with some sticks from outside
To build a fire in the stove used for cooking,
Soon the cabin was warm but then he saw
His candle was losing light for looking.

He hurriedly searched the cabin once more,
Found a lamp that used oil to burn.
It appeared to have a new wick and fuel
To give the light he'd need until morn.

Let us look now at this story of light,
The many light sources it had.
First the box of matches in a pocket found
Lit the candle that made the room glad.

Then came the lantern to hold the candle,
The mirrors made the room shine.
Next sticks in the stove to warm up the room
So the man wouldn't shiver and whine.

As the candle burned low to soon be no light
The oil lamp with new wick inside,
Took over the job of providing the light
Showing him everything that's inside.

This is a story of our various tasks
And tools needed to help the light shine,
So as we begin this year 2009
Please decide which tool you’ll say, "It‘s mine.".

Will you be the matches in book or in box
Or the candle that lit up the room?
Will you be the lantern or a mirror inside
Or sticks that helped warm things so soon?

Will you be a lamp with a wick and some oil
To provide light the whole night through?
Or will you just sit in the dark of the room
Thinking there's nothing for you to do?

Remember if you're just a tiny match stick
Or an oil lamp burning just fine,
You have to find your part of the light
If your light shines to lead home the blind.

God Bless,
Mimmy aka Joyce Smith
October 14, 2009


  1. Thank you for your encouragement and prayers! You do not know how much they mean to me and my family. You, dear friend are an encouragement in my life. Keep writing!

    Love, hugs, and prayers, andrea

  2. Joyce, What a wonderful poem. Blessings, Audrey

  3. Mimmy,

    I like being the mirror so I can reflect back the light and make it brighter than before! I love all your creative works. You should bind them altogether and make a book!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. "Keep breathing in the light, and blowing out the darkness." -Olivia Grace

    I am hoping the light is more abundant than the dark in your world today.

    Thank you for your recent kind words and continued encouragement.

  5. Joyce, Wanted to say Hi... Hope you have the best weekend... Blessings, Audrey


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