Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nerve Blocks

Within the last six weeks, I have had two nerve blocks in an attempt to alleviate some of the pain in my lower back and right leg. Thankfully, they have somewhat worked. The pain in my leg is not nearly as bad or persistent as it once was, but pain at the injection site is not much fun. It seems to hang on for a good while after each injection. Of course, when I'm having the block done they give me what I call "joy juice". I don't feel much and remember even less.

In thinking about this, I've begun to wonder what would happen if I had a "spiritual nerve block". Those thoughts led to this:

"Spiritual Nerve Block"

This day was like many others
Full of work, family and friends.
Same things that were done the day before,
The day before that, to no end.

Some folks say that I'm in a terrible rut,
I must say that I truly agree.
Today is the same as yesterday
Tomorrow will most likely be.

Maybe I'll try something new to me.
Something that maybe is wrong.
It won't hurt to try it once in a while.
Who will know if they don't go along.

There's this pang that I have, it's called conscience
"Can I hide it", I ask quite aloud.
Another voice hollers around me.
"Sure I'll help you, it will make me feel proud."

He continued that I'll need a nerve block.
To halt this old conscience inside.
"It only will take just a minute.
There's no pain. No, I never have lied."

So I trusted this voice I was hearing
He gave me a shot of "joy juice".
Told me I'd feel like a million,
The old conscience would be of no use.

After I had the procedure
I found that this voice was quite right.
All of the things I had wanted
Came quite easy, most generally at night.

There was however a problem
Even though my conscience seemed dead,
So did all of the rest of me,
No kind thoughts in my now vacant head.

There were voids in me and I now wondered
If I ever would fill them again.
This life I had chose seemed empty.
It was not what I'd thought, this thing sin.

So I sent for this voice to confront him
And to ask him to be on the level.
He said to me, "Quite impossible.
"You see", he said, "I am the Devil".

"When I gave you the nerve block you wanted,
All the things that filled up your soul,
Went right out the door with your conscience.
You'll just have to choose quite different goals."

In the back of my heart I remembered
Something I'd been told back in my youth.
God never leaves us on this journey.
I knew it, it must be the truth.

So I fell to my knees and I asked him
To forgive me and let me come home.
At once I was so very happy
And knew I'd try never to roam.

My words to you are very simple
If you you might want a nerve block,
Tell the Devil to just go and leave you.
Get on your knees and have a great talk.

Mimmy, aka Joyce Smith
October 21, 2009


  1. Mimmy,

    You are so funny! Only you could take something like your nerve block and turn it into something like a spiritual block! WOW! God is divinely working in your life. Love you and thinking about you! Hoping that you are better really soon!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  2. Love your analogies. You are awesome and you truly have a gift. GOD BLESS! andrea

  3. Joyce, I pray you feel better soon. Through many tears I write to you. You are such a blessing to me. I know you are here for me. Thank You for writing about my Angel Babies. It hurts, but having someone to share it with helps. I am so blessed to have you as a friend. I am always here for you as well. Many Blessings, Audrey

  4. Can I please have an order of "joy juice"...hold the nerve block??

  5. Joyce, Have ben thinking about you and praying you are feeling better. I am here for you anytime... Blessings my Dear Friend. With much love, Audrey

  6. Joyce, It was so good to hear from you. I have written you emails. I don't know if you have gotten them... I hope you are having a good day and feeling better. Much Love My Friend, Audrey


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