Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeni

Today is our daughter Jeni's birthday. She's going to be made enough at me when and if she sees these pictures so I don't think I'll tell you how old she is.

The one on the far left was taken about 16 or 17 years ago as was the one on the right. The one in the middle was about 10 years ago. Jeni, this is what happens when you run from the camera. We don't have any up-to-date pictures of you.

We wish you a very, very happy birthday and many many more to come and if you don't want this to happen again, get some recent pictures taken and send me some. Otherwise, you give me no choice.

We love you kiddo and look forward to seeing you soon. Maybe you'll let me get some new and improved shots of you.

God Bless,


Happy Birthday Jeni

In your lifetime, Jeni,
You’ve carried many names.
Jenifer you were born with
The others later came.

Not long after you entered
This world with all its glee
You were tagged with Jeni,
Will last ‘til eternity.

Your Grammy gave unto you
A name for just her use.
It was Jenesapoodinkle
I miss it as I’m sure do you.

When Pat came into our lives
You soon were Jedi to him.
Then came Trey and Mama
Was the name he sang like a hymn.

As Trey grew and flourished
He changed Mama to Mom.
One of these days you’ll pick one
That’s pretty close to Grandmama.

Just keep in mind with all these names
The one that is the best
Is the name of Christian,
It’s better than all the rest.

For after we have all passed
From this life into the next
It will stay forever
In the book God calls His text.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart,

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  1. Mimmy,

    What a beautiful tribute you have captured here for Jeni! Please pass along my birthday wishes and blessings for her.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat


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