Thursday, October 1, 2009


This evening, as I was reading blogs, I came across one in which the young lady was discussing the casual use of the phrase "I love you". She indicated that people she hardly knew told her that they loved her and she was not comfortable in returning the phrase outside of family situations.

In our society and particularly in the English language, we use the same word to refer to everything from loving oranges, a good book or a movie to loving our children and spouse. It would be much better if English had about five different words for love. We need one word to refer to love of inanimate objects. Another to refer to loving people we don't know well or at all. One that includes those whom we consider friends. One that covers a romantic love before it matures and the one that we use for our families. Maybe "ob"love, "unknow"love, "frien"love, "heart"love and "fam"love. At this point you all probably think I've lost my marbles but it would make things a whole lot easier. Maybe not these words but something different for each emotional feeling.

God saw the wisdom in this. The languages in which He chose to have His Word written include more than one word encompassing "love". Familiarity deems that we look at Greek. "Phileo" is the love that we have for friends. "Eros" is a romantic love that includes a sexual attraction. "Agape" is the love used the most often in Bible references. It refers to that love that we choose to give. It is beyond the love that we have for acquaintances and is what we would call unconditional. There is a fourth Greek word for love "storge" that is not used in Ancient Greek works and refers to the love we may have for family members. It is my opinion that agape is a better choice for family love because there are times that we must choose to love our families. Particularly when they are not behaving in the fashion in which we think they ought.

In one way, I must agree that we do tend to throw around the word "love" much more often than we should. If I was asked to make a list of things I love, ice cream and my husband could make the same list. That doesn't seem quite fair to me. Although I "love" ice cream I "love" my husband much more and in a much deeper fashion. Maybe we should go back to the original Greek words for love and just transliterate them into the English language.

Love vs. Like

Got up this morning had bacon to eat
Boy that was good. Love it, so sweet.
Sent cards and letters to family and friends.
Signed, "I love you", when I got to the end.

Called up my hubby at work to say hi.
Told him I loved him before I said bye.
Watched an old movie on my television.
Love my new glasses with their three way vision.

Daughter called me 'bout a quarter 'til nine.
Told her, "love you". I asked, "are you fine".
Out in the yard to work in the garden.
Shouted, "Neighbor, love ya gal". "Get your car in?"

Daddy called to see when I was comin'.
Told him I loved him, said bye, went on hummin'.
Baked a cake and made the icing.
Sure love vanilla with orange spicing.

Kids in from school with work to do.
Hi Mom, "I love you". "I love you, too."
Supper to fix, laundry to fold.
Sure love this new and improved Bold.

Fall into bed, must say my prayers.
Forgive me Lord for having airs,
Thank you for all you've given to me,
Remember Lord that I do love thee.

Love is a word I do throw around,
From lips to ear, with smile, with frown.
Guess I should think before I say
Those little words along the way.

Maybe "like" is what I mean
When I speak of ice cream, tv screens,
Dresses and hairdos, books and such,
Save "I love you" for what I "love" much.

Wish we had more words to express
What we feel for what we love less,
So that we won't get so confused
When the wee word love we so often use.

God Bless,
October 1, 2009


  1. Joyce, I wanted to say Hi. I say I love you to my family every single day. Followed with lots of hugs!!! I hope you have a great weekend. Many Blessings,

  2. Of course, many things resonated with me in your post.

    But my favorite part? The use of the term "young lady" in the first sentence. My body certainly doesn't feel that way today!

    But seriously, I am grateful you wrote, and grateful to know that I am not alone in my thoughts. Thank you.

  3. Mimmy,

    What a great post to highlight the varieties of love God gave us. This is too, where so many newly weds or young romantics feel like they have fallen out of "love" when it merely the type of love that has changed for them.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat


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