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Babies: they can make fools of us, make us wise, make us laugh, make us cry, fill us with joy, fill us with pain, turn us to towers of strength and then in the next moment turn us to complete jelly. Babies are one of my most favorite things and I love them just about as much as anything else on this earth. A baby can be an absolute stranger to me and all I have to do to fall in love is see a picture.

All of this has been proven to me by some of the blogs that I read. Little Baby Jonah was my first blog love. Jonah was born with epidermolysis bullosa or EB which is a group of diseases that are characterized by blisters that appear after only a bump to the skin. Jonah's little brother was also born with EB and died soon after birth. To read more about Jonah and Gabe, check out his mom, Patrice's blog entitled the Williams Family Blog. To have gone through so much and at such a young age, Matt and Patrice have a faith that rivals any of her readers. As her blogs have progressed, Patrice has turned into a fantastic writer and keeps us posted on their every day lives with Jonah while keeping us in absolute stitches.

I predict that one day Patrice will write a book for children with EB that will help them and their parents get through a day of pain with laughter and joy.

Another baby that I have come to love through blogging is Kayleigh Anne. Kayleigh Anne's father Adam Freeman posted daily at what was originally One Pound Miracle but is now One Pound Blessing because precious Kayleigh Anne passed from this life on May 11, 2009. Her little body, born premature, finally shut down after a battle of eleven months. To read Kayleigh Anne's full story, check out her father's blog or the first of two poems included in today's post. Adam still posts about life with the Freeman's but not on a daily basis. Kayleigh Anne's blog is well worth checking out. Adam has a sense of peace to his writing, even after they lost Kayleigh Anne. I miss you sweetheart.

There have been other babies that I have gotten to know through blogging. However, these two have impacted my life on a very permanent basis. There are also many other babies that I have come to love outside of cyber space. Twelve of them are my wonderful, precious, sweet, adorable grandchildren, Zachary, Hali, Dakota, Richard, Kaitlynn, Samantha, Tiffany, Tyler, Trey, Joshua, JJ and Memphis. Aren't you impressed that I could remember all of their names without having to cheat. You have already met Zachary, Hali, Dakota and Trey and it is my plan to introduce you to the other eight in the near future. Their parents just have to get me updated pictures. (hint-hint).

Babies are one of the most wonderful of God's creations. It is amazing to think that God takes two cells, puts them together, lets them "cook" for nine (or ten) months, takes them on a journey through an opening much too small and they enter a world much more chaotic than what they just left, loan them to two people for the next 18 years while they are changing every day, with only minimal instructions, and then one day, with patience, consistency and love God helps them develop into His true children, serving him every day that they live on this earth, only to have them pass from this life into eternal bliss with our God and Father and his son, Jesus Christ. AREN'T BABIES GRAND!!!

God Bless,

The Glory of God

"One Pound Miracle" she was called
On her blog created by Daddy.
She was so tiny her arm would fit
Through Dad’s wedding ring, quite uncanny.

She fought hard for eleven months.
248 procedures, 7 major ops.
1 on her open heart so small
The very smallest they’d seen, none topped.

Her room at home was all ready,
Painted brown with many accents of pink.
Every time she came near to coming home
She got sicker, very tough, don’t you think.

So many people would ask each day,
"How’s your sweet and precious girl",
That Daddy opened up her Blog
Answering questions coming to their world.

They heard lots of people began to pray
Some who said they hadn’t for a long time.
Others said they had returned to God
After reading her story on line.

So now I see this question
That recently entered into my mind.
It’s one that must have an answer,
That the answer to now we must find.

If the story of this little girl
Who died after her dreadful fight,
Could turn so many folks to prayer,
Could have others seeking the light,

How much more could the words of Jesus,
His fight that saw His death on the cross,
Lead people not only to kneel in prayer
But to salvation and of sin, total loss?

Do we start a blog to send out the word?
Do we post of his terrible dying?
Do we e-mail all of our family and friends?
Sure we can if that’s your way of trying.

But God has already written it down
In a post that resounds through the ages.
The book is called the Bible today;
He’s said to read and then share the pages.

Sweet baby you’re done with all your work,
Felt through the words of your story.
Now it’s our turn to take up the cross
Telling Christ’s tale to all of God’s glory.

Mimmy aka Joyce K. Smith
May 15, 2009

The following was penned for some friends of mine at the birth of their first baby. He just spent his first week at church camp which is absolutely unbelievable and makes me feel very old. At the time this was written we didn't know he was going to be a he, so please excuse the "she" references.

Baby Blessing

A baby is a precious gift,
A gift from God above,
Sent to us to cherish
To cuddle and to love.

But she’s not really yours, you see,
She simply is on loan,
From our Heavenly Father
As he sits upon his throne.

He’s given her to you to raise,
To teach and train and warn,
To cherish all that’s good in life,
And all that’s evil to scorn.

What she becomes depends on you
And how you live each day.
She’ll learn much more from what she sees
Than she will from what you say.

So love her each and every day
As the treasure that she is,
And guide her to that Heavenly home
Of happiness and bliss.

Mimmy aka Joyce Smith, April, 1999

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