Thursday, June 18, 2009

Word Bank/Two Lives

This afternoon I took a trip over to Margaret Hall's blog entitled Images in Thought. She has the most beautiful poem there that is more accurately portrayed as a painting done in words instead of oils. Please take a few minutes and go over there to see what she has written. It is fantastic.

In a round about way she gave me or anyone else a challange who might want to write a poem from a word bank. The 10 words she used in her poem were given to her by Roger Bacon another blogging poet. The words he gave her are marked in my post in teal and should be fairly easy to spot. Why not give this a try. It was a bit challenging for me because the words don't lend themselves easily to just one topic. We need to see how many different formats we can get out of the few of us who are connected with my blog. Please invite your friends to participate also.

Poem from a Word Bank:

"Two Lives"

This morning at the break of dawn
A cool gentle breeze did blow.
By noon it was so hot outside
She looked for a cool place to go.

Her clothes are so very tattered
She's ashamed to show her face.
Why could she not have pretty clothes;
The ones others throw on in haste?

If she were to have such pretty things
She wouldn't treat them with disdain.
They'd be treated like pretty flowers
Blooming in the sunshine and rain.

All the people in their little town
Always look on her with pity.
At night in her room all alone
She dreams that they live in the city.

It is easier to get lost there.
It's much easier to be alone.
You don't have to worry about making friends.
Your room's your only friend, just one.

Her room was dark and dreary.
Paint melted from off the walls.
The bed was in a tiny nook.
Curtains a long time ago did fall.

Her mother slept 'til nearly noon
Every day of the very long week.
Down the hall her mom totters
To the kitchen where food Mom seeks.

Mom says to fix her two fried eggs
And a piece of toast with jam.
Oh, how the young girl wishes
She could warm Mom a big slice of ham.

She knows that all of her wishes
Shan't come to be in her youth.
There's just as much chance that they'll be
As if a fairy would pay for a tooth.

She also knows that when she grows
Things won't be the same for her kids.
Now her Mom works two hard jobs
Just to keep them off the skids.

School is where you will find her
Until she can get her degree.
She's going to make something of herself
So she can care for herself if needs be.

Unlike her hard working Mama
Who loves her and stands so bold
That she works her fingers to the bone
So she's not homeless, hungry and cold;

Because her dad walked out on them
Leaving them with nowhere to go.
Her mother stepped up to the plate
No training for work did she know.

She loves her mom so very much
But she needs a better life.
Someday she wants to have a home
Be a teacher, a mom and a wife.

She shot straight up out of her bed
Her dreams had been life long ago.
Thank goodness it was summer time
So she didn't have to work to go.

The day would be spent with her two girls
Doing this, that and the other.
Before they would go to their first stop.
They'd go by and pick up grandmother.

Mimmy aka Joyce K. Smith c

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  1. well, now, I shall endeavor to post AGAIN...LOL I wrote to thank you for accepting the challenge of the word bank and I complimented you on your superb work of the list of words....You did a fabulous job, Mimmy! Fun, huh?....thanks ever so much for visiting and then gifting us with a vivid account of two lives...Loved it...


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