Monday, June 15, 2009

MckMama's Family

Many of you are sure to be aware of a wonderful blog written by MckMama. This blog entitled My Charming Kids is so very special because MckMama lets you into the lives of their very charming family. She refers to her husband as Prince Charming and her four children collective as Many Small Children or "MSC". Individually they are Big Mac, MckNuggett, Small Fry and MckMuffin.

Over the past few months, followers of her blog have gotten to know MckMuffin, or Stellan, very well because of a heart problem he has had since before birth. In spite of the fact the Stellan was hospitalized for several weeks in the last few months she continued to keep her readers posted on this condition and on what was happening with the remainder of her family.

MckMama has a faith in God that has carried her through all of the many hills and valleys associated with Stellan's continuing illness and that faith is also a basis for the family's everyday living.

As is the case with most of the people I know and have come to admire, at some point in their lives I write them a poem. Since I find
MckMama to be both a unique and inspiring individual I asked her permission to post the following.

Hopefully you will not only take the time to read my writings but you will take the time to visit
MckMama's blog and see for yourself the joy and love that exist within the confines of this God loving family.

MckMama's Family

There is a young woman who lives in a land
That quite often is frigid and frozen.
She loves her dear husband, Prince Charming his name.
Need Proof, they’ve kids, one third of a dozen.

Her name is MckMama. I do not know why.
To her kids she has passed it along.
Big Mac, MckNuggett, Small Fry and MckMuffin,
Makes you want to sing that hamburger song.

In this day and age of multiple births
Four children are not all that unusual.
There are lots of families who have even more
So why do I think the MckFamily so "spectactical".

Big Mac is four, MckNuggett two and a half
Small Fry is just eighteen months old.
That leaves MckMuffin who, believe it or not,
Is a precious, darling seven months old.

If you’re smart as a tack and have done your math
You can see that this makes four in four.
There couldn’t have been more than just a few months
Between deliveries and conceptions galore.

In fact this MckMama must love number four
‘Cause the birth of her son number one
Took four days of hard labor, pushing and tears
Most of which with sheer heart she bore.

Big Mac is your typical four-year-old boy
Playing with toys in his sandbox outside.
He loves to jump on the trampoline
Watching Queen Mum do flips very wide.

MckNuggett prefers things that move on their own.
Bug, worms an occasional frog.
He runs and he plays ‘til he can stand no more,
Then with his blue blanky he nods.

Small Fry is the princess that "rules" o’er the boys.
She has pretty soft blonde curly hair.
You never will see her all through the day
Without a hat or a bow planted there.

Little MckMuffin, the most special by far,
Has a face that you just want to pinch.
He’s all cute and cuddly and soon grabs your heart.
You will love him, that’s truly a cinch.

Before MckMuffin came into this world
Doctors said he’d not see open air.
These doctors did not know that prayer was involved.
He did live and with nary a care.

He had SVT, a hole in his heart
That makes it race out of control.
Only God knows why his heart was OK.
He had a chance to grow his young soul.

But a new number four came on to the scene.
MckMuffin just turned four months old
When the old SVT reared its cold, ugly head,
MckMuffin fought two months to reach a goal.

In the hospital he stayed for several long weeks
Both Montana and in Boston Bean Town,
With doctors so smart they knew what to do
He came home, but it’s different all round.

His MckMama posts daily on her family blog
MckMuffin’s name truly is Stellan.
His name’s made a trip around the world
In his very own photo name gallery.

Stellan sleeps with a monitor to check his heart.
He must take meds all through the day.
A nurse comes to check to make sure he’s all right.
There just really is no other way.

My Charming Kids is MckMama’s great blog.
By the thousands people read what she’s said.
She posts everything from healthy foods
To a picture of the big boys’ new beds.

Her pictures are glowing with her love and care
Full of colors the brighter the better.
She shares her faith in the God up above.
She writes us as if in a letter.

This poem could go on for page after page
Telling tales of this family so fine.
However at some point the reading gets long
Folk just think they can’t read one more line.

The point that I want to make to you all
Is the blessing she’s being to readers.
She opens her heart and shows us her love
Telling us ways to make ourselves leaders.

If you are looking for a blog to follow
Not today but for now and forever,
Add My Charming Kids to your list of great blogs
Meet a family with love that won’t sever.

Mimmy aka Joyce K. Smith
June 12, 2009


  1. Hi Mimmy! I love MckMama & her adorable family!!

    I have been trying to figure out how to reply to your comment and can't seem to find an email address or alias or anything ,so I'm posting here! Thanks for following my blog! You are too sweet!
    I have not found a place yet in Raleigh - will be posting about that soon.
    As far as the photo collage is concerned, I usually go into Microsoft PowerPoint & pull the pictures into a Power Point slide & arrange them on there. Once I get them all arranged, I use the pointer (on the drawing toolbar) and drag & select the all of the pictures at one time. I then right click & group them all together. THEN, once they're grouped all together, I right click & save as picture. I usually save it as a .jpg. This should allow you to upload to the web with a pretty good resolution.
    Hope this helps & hope you're doing well!!
    God Bless!!
    Inspired Creativity

  2. Nice poem,I enjoyed reading it :)

  3. I liked this very much. What a faithful woman. Thanks for finding my blog and commenting - and for pointing me here!

  4. I feel your heart and your soul within these verses, my fellow writer! Beautifully done, and such a great, devoted post for MckMama! I shall endeavor to visit for sure...Good to see your spirit in the work...

  5. What a crock of shit

  6. Uhh stalker much? These are the types of people Jennifer should be wary of, not the sayers of nay


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