Monday, June 29, 2009


Tonight, or should I say this morning, will be a short post. I'm really very tired having had two pretty bad days.

As I sit at the computer reading my favorite blogs and thinking about what I am going to write I think about a "communication" that I tried to get going on one of them on Friday without much luck. It was all about words and I wrote the beginnings of today's poem. It has been edited since then and only goes to tell you how very important I think words are.

Without words, and a very good working knowledge of them, we could not read, write, communicate, or do any number of other things. We couldn't cook, unless you have all of your recipes in your head or unless you are better at making up recipes than I am. We couldn't do word puzzles, at which I spend a great deal of time. We couldn't follow directions either to a sewing pattern, prescription bottle or homework for our children. We couldn't follow road signs, at least the ones without pictures on them. Number one on my current list is that I most certainly could not write poetry and I could not share it with you.

I'm so thankful that I have found a world where the inhabitants love words and love to use them. Hopefully we will get to know each other better and our worlds will continue to collide.

God bless,


Words are a powerful tool!
Those who can use them rule!
Those who can't should learn to dance
So they won’t have to run and prance!

Words are a mighty powerful tool!
You need them to just get into school!
You need them to apply for a job!
You'll need words to halt a mob!

You must know the words of your language
Or life will be nothing but control of damage!
With those words you just might meet a prince
And talk to him with nary a wince!

I’m sure you’ll find words to be quite important!
Words build questions and you must recant!
If you read books, words build all fiction!
You not only must know words but use proper diction!

So as you are reading my little bit of rhyme
And you look at your watch to see what the time,
Remember that if you didn’t know words
You could not read this no matter if absurd!

Mimmy, June 27, 2009

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  1. Hi, Mimmy~! Firstly, allow me to thank you for your more than generous comment on my poem, "Searching for memories of Me". I appreciate you coming by and leaving such kind words...As for a soul, I am an "ancient spirit", having been around since forever. Living all aspects of life brings all sorts of topics for the writer, as you know from your own writing. You seem to be quite in touch with human happenings and the soul-side of understanding...
    Your poem of "Words" is a guideline to writing. If you don't find words important, then your relaying your thoughts would be tough. You have a command of words and display them with great gentleness...
    Love the write! Thank you for sharing.....An, again thank you for the lovely comment.


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