Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Only a little while ago I visited another blog Time For A Bucket List written by Margaret Hall. If you recall I introduced you to her blog Images In Thought a few days ago. They are both extremely well written and have made me think. They are very different in tone which only goes to show you how well written Margaret is. It is hard for me to come up with enough to post in one blog, let alone try to keep up with two.

Her most recent post in Time For A Bucket List reflects on her memories of her childhood days. We share many of the same memories which must mean that we come from very similar backgrounds and from approximately the same time frames. It made me start to think about some of my memories and led to me penning the following. Hopefully it will lead you to write about some of your memories and share them with both Margaret and me.

Take care, enjoy your walk through the past and

God Bless,



What do you remember of your days gone by
Whether fifty, forty or ten?
Do you remember dolls as tall as you are
With clothes that fit your brother or friend?

Do you remember playing house, school and church
With props made from only a box?
Do you remember wearing braids in your hair
With bows tied at the ends of your locks?

Do you remember playing outside ‘til dark
Catching fireflies in a quart jar?
Do you remember the walk to your school
‘Cause your family had only one car?

Do you remember the walk home from school
With band instrument in your left hand?
Do you remember your mom and your dad
At concerts ‘cause you were just grand?

Do you remember banging the big screen door
To announce, "Hey, I'm here"?
Do you remember smelling roast and hot taters
When you came in from church, "Where's my chair"?

Do you remember how truly awesome it was
To find mom home and not just a key?
Do you remember dad taking the time
To let you sit right upon his knee?

Do you remember your very first date
That wasn’t to a school dance?
Do you remember wrapping yarn ‘round his ring
So you wouldn’t lost it by chance?

Do you remember when he finally proposed
After asking your dad for your hand?
Do you remember walking down that long aisle
While the very same dad held your hand?

Do you remember the first house that was yours
Your first car and your very first babe?
Do you remember when the money was tight
So tight for your heat your couldn’t pay?

Do you remember the friend who found out
You were worried about being cold?
Do you remember the thanks that you felt
When your friend paid the bill? Who told?

Do I remember? You sure bet I do!
Could I think of more? Yes, I can!
Can I think of them all as I sit hear tonight?
No I can’t! Wish I could! Sorry man!

You’ll just have to wait until some other time
For my memory to click into gear,
Then I'll write more of days all gone by
And the times I’ve had year after year.

June 22, 2009

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  1. Oh, yes, your memories are many, many as mine are, my poetic friend! And, the fact that we could play outdoors and not have the horror of abduction looming at childhood! Those were wonderful days, and I am glad that I was raised in those years...It was a gentler, more caring time...Your work here is wonderful, as always, Mimmy. And, thank you for the link...I appreciate it...
    Until later...


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