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Women and God's Word

In trying to decide what I wanted to post about today I was looking through some of the poems I had written in days past and found one about women in New Testament times. Part of that poem was written regarding the lack of worth placed on women in that time of history and as we are aware, that point of view existed in our country not all that many years ago and still exists in a great portion of this world today.

How men came to believe they are superior to women is a view I have never understood. The scriptures definitely teach that women are to be in submission to their husbands and I have never had a problem believing this. The scriptures also teach that I am to obey my parents, which would include my father, that I am to be in subjection to the elders of the church and that I am to obey the laws of the land. However, there is nothing, anywhere, in the Bible, of which I am aware, that teaches that women are in general less worthy of anything than are men.

Having said that, God has from creation placed a very high regard upon women. At creation, Adam was unable to find a being capable of serving as his companion in all of the being created by God up to that point. This is the reason God placed Adam into a deep sleep, removed a rib, and from it created a being to serve as man's help meet, or a suitable helper. Woman was created because there was nothing else in all of God's creation that was good enough to be Adam's wife. Doesn't that make you as a women feel special? (Please know that I do not intend to say that men are not special. One of the most special men I know is in the other room.) Not only did God create us to fill a special need, there are many times in His word that He addresses the fact that women fill a very special role.

The scripture that is cited above today's poem is there because this was an assignment I was given for publication in our congregation's daily devotional booklet. It speaks of women that our Lord met and from whom he cast out demons. It also speaks of how they dropped everything to follow him.

Hopefully you will enjoy this work and also take the time to read the scripture from which it was taken.

May you all have a glorious weekend and may

God Bless,

Jesus Speaks To a Group of Women
Read: Luke 8:1-3

Our Lord spoke to many people
As He walked upon this earth,
Some of them of humble means
Some who had great worth.

He spoke to little children
And He spoke to old folks too.
He spoke with teachers learned
And with those who’d had no school.

He often talked with men He met
Upon the streets He trod
Of things on earth, things in heaven
But always things of God.

Yet on this day He chose to speak
With those often overlooked,
Not for their lack of learning
Or the paths that their lives took.

They were thought of by so many
To be lesser folk than men,
For they were merely women
Put here mostly just to tend,

To the needs of those around them
And surely not to sit
And talk with one so learned
As this One from Heaven sent.

But He not only took the time
To pass the time of day,
But to throw out many demons
And send them on their way

So they could go and live their lives
Free from the demons’ power,
And could spend each day in joy
From morning ‘til evening’s hour.

They were so very thankful
That they chose to follow Him,
And give Him what they had to give
From what little they’d been given.

His words were so important
And His actions so profound,
That they did leave their very homes
To hear His voice’s sound.

Do His words mean half that much
To us who live today,
Who have His words in written form
In countless and wondrous ways?

Will we even cross the room
To pick up His great book,
Or change the internet address
So we can take a look?

Or are we just too busy
To let our Master speak.
And tell us how to live our lives
Each hour and day and week?


January, 2006

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  1. Your Faith, Mimmy, shines through the dimness of many peoples thoughts today. You will, I am confident, inspire many....
    Have a great week...


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