Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Saddness Turned To Hope

The last few days have been difficult ones for me in many ways. Without going into all of them, some of them have come from my blog friends. One in particular has touched me so deeply that it will remain a part of me for a very, very long time, if not for as long as I live. Please take a moment to share some of your love with
WON. From reading your comments to other bloggers, I know that you have a lot of love to share. I met WON through MckMama just yesterday. Right now, they both need us all.

When trying to come up with a post for tonight, I sat down at the computer and the desktop that my husband had chosen for this month all but said, "here I am". In the upper right corner are the words "Hope is patience with the lamp lit". How very simple and yet how very true. God describes faith as: "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." (Hebrews 11:1).

We often tell ourselves that we have faith, particularly when we are going through life's trials. Right now, my husband and I are going through one of those trials and I have been telling myself, with everything that is in me, that I have faith that God will get us through. However my faith is conditional. I have been wanting Him to tell me how and when our problems will come to a resolution. It's not that I only want a positive outcome for us, it's just that I want to know what the outcome is.

You are probably wanting to know how I have switched from hope to faith, but, referring back to Hebrews, God tells us that Faith is hope. My hope and my faith have been tempered. I'm not waiting, patiently, with my light on, I'm waiting impatiently with a camera. I want to take pictures of what God has planned all along the way so that I will know when the end of this particular trial is near, and what the joyful outcome will be. Lord, help me to develop a Hope that is Patience with the light on.

Questions and Answers

You ask me, "What is hope?"
My reply, "Believing in tomorrow."
You ask me, "What is faith?"
I say, "The same, with no sorrow."

You ask , "How do you know this?"
My reply, "God told me so."
You ask, "How can you trust Him?"
This is how, listen and know.

"In all the days that have passed me
He’s never let me down.
God’s answered all my questions.
Made smiles out of dreary frowns."

You ask, "Do you ever worry?"
My reply, "Sure sometimes that’s true."
You ask, "Why do you worry?"
My reply, "‘Cause I’m human like you."

You ask, "Should you worry?"
My reply, "Not really dear."
You ask, "Why shouldn’t you worry?"
My reply, "Because God is near."

You ask, "If you can worry
Why shouldn’t I do the same?"
My reply, "Because I make mistakes
Unlike the one who from Heaven came."

You ask, "Will God bring me
Through all of this world’s strife."
My reply, "He will, that’s for certain,
Through every one in all your life."

You ask, "Will God always answer
With a yes to all my prayers?"
My reply, "Sometimes He will say no,
To the prayers we send with care."

You ask, "If God will bring me
Through my pain and hurt on earth,
Why must I bear an answer
That makes me wonder at my worth."

My reply, "God knows tomorrow,
The days that reach beyond,
And the days that reach beyond that
To all the days in our life gone."

"He knows the hurt we’ll suffer.
He knows the joy we’ll share.
He knows the days that will go by
Without a worry or a care."

"Most importantly He knows what
We need to get us home
To the land of milk and honey
From which we’ll never, ever roam."

"He knows that we must feel pain
To enjoy the days of glee.
He knows that we must feel loss
To enjoy the good that we receive."

So the question you must ask me,
"Does God love me as a son?"
My reply, "Sure he does child,
His Son died to make you one."

God Bless,
Mimmy, June 9, 2009

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  1. Good evening Mimmy,
    I hope that your feeling a bit better than you have been ;D

    Blogging is sometimes the only outlet that people get for many different reasons...its a bit of "me time" for them, some choose poetry, some choose art, some choose to write a journal,and many other things, but the thing is Mimmy we dont always see whats behind the screen do we? we dont see the pain, hurt, sadness or stress behind the words, we dont see the reason people feel any of the above, it could be through, illness, stress, bereavement etc, but whatever the reasons/motives, turning on the computer helps you sometimes to "forget" even if it is for a few moments.

    We all need a bit of hope in our life...I know that I do ;D

    Take care


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